Any Generic Fungal Disease Solutions

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I am totally anti-conventional medicine so it really takes a lot for me to break down and go to a doctor's office.

But I used to have problems with candida albicans quite frequently. And the first thing they do is hand out a prescription...or two...or three. And Since I always had just as much problems with the cure as I did with the disease, well I just don't wish to go that route.

But since I have been struggling with this now for over a year to different levels of infection, it seems to me there should be something which treats, not just masks the symptoms.

It all started with a bad UTI and homeopathic drugs took care of that problem and it has cleared up over the last six months. But this candida just does not want to give up yet my daily diet can't get much cleaner.

Yes I know the problem area now is fresh fruit. I eat too much, usually about 3-5 servings daily. But I don't eat it because it tastes good, I eat it because of its high water levels and electrolyte levels. These 100 degree temps with high humidity just does me in. And plain water just does not give me the nourishment I need to sustain health in this weather.

So anyone have luck with anything else? Right now, I am using calendula cream to treat the infection when it soars out of control. I use raw apple cider vinegar as a wash every time I use the toilet (and yes, that's pretty often most of the time if you are familiar with candida you know you are always fighting the uncontrollable urge to go).

I use a surgical scrub cleanser to clean and wash the skin. It keeps the skin clean but it has no properties to fight the fungal infection.

So anyone have any other ideas? My Naturopath closed his office back in February and he has not re-opened yet to accept patients again. I'm pretty sure he could come up with some homeopathic remedy which might help but I can't talk to him yet because of this virus.

So any other candida sufferers out there?


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    @greyfurball Ouch! I have been there; it's no fun. One thing that helped me a lot was using plain yogurt with cinnamon and garlic oil as a topical treatment. It's messy and kind of stinky, so it's best used as an end of the day treatment. For the garlic oil, just puncture a garlic soft gel with a pin and squeeze it into the yogurt.

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    @Gail H I am not sure what the cinnamon brings to that recipe but the rest of it makes sense.

    And you are right, can you imagine explaining to anyone what you are smearing over yourself each day. That at least, is funny! But I am willing to give anything a try. This hot and humid weather is just aggravating this stuff so much. Thanks

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    @greyfurball Cinnamon inhibits the growth of yeast. I've always heard that's why one shouldn't put cinnamon in a yeasted bread dough, just in the filling. Here is one article I found.

    Take heart. We're into August now! Cooler weather should be on the way.

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    @Gail H thanks so much for that link. There is a goldmine of information in that article. And I am quite sure I will be giving some of them a try just to see how effective this can be.

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    @Gail H Thanks for the link. I just fell down the rabbit hole reading on cinnamon! I lost about an hour without realizing it.

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    My daughter and I took Mycozil from Global Healing Center for a few months - We think it worked.

    The ingredients say - Wildcrafted Jatoba bark, Wildcrafted Pau D'Arco, Organic licorice root, Organic anise seed, Beta Glucanase, Hemi Cellulace, Fulvic Acid, Brevibacillus laterosporus.

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    How is your digestion in general and what are you eating in addition to the fruits?

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    @stephanie447 my digestion is iffy... has been about 10 years now, ever since I changed to a whole foods diet.

    In 2011, because of low pancreatic function I could not find a way to control my blood sugar levels. Conventional medicine just kept stacking more and more pills, injections and drugs which just made everything worse. So I told all of them goodbye and went to a holistic physician.

    Lost 174 lbs in two years because I transitioned to a no corn, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, preservatives or additives and no sugar diet. I also limit my salt. That's how I lost the weight plus tons of other side effects all over my body.

    But in the third year I started having digestive issues. And to date, sometimes they kick in royally and other times it tames down some so I can stay out of the bathroom repeatedly every hour. But other than the digestive issues, a UTI and this candida issue (with all of its symptoms) I am still in decent shape. The part I hate the most is the brain issues. Seven years ago I used to run a 4 location business, all of it in my head. That's the way I liked it, the answer was always there, I didn't need no machine to look it up.

    Now there is days I can't even figure out my own address, phone number, missing words in the vocabulary, and on and on. It was one of the reasons I started looking around for a buyer for the business. My mind was no longer able to keep my business straight because of too many gaps in the daily routine.

    So as for what I eat, lots of homegrown veges (all organic since I grow them and preserve, can or freeze for all years use). Nothing from a grocery store except occasionally some of the fruits I can't get locally (bananas, lemons, limes, cranberries etc.) My grains are almond flour, quinoa, millet occasionally, flax etc.. Meats are all pasture-raised with none of the grains in their diet. I'm not that big of a meat eater so lots of days I might have none. Seafood is all Alaskan wild-caught. Snacks I make myself so they are also all no corn, dairy, gluten etc etc. I tried eliminating eggs and nuts but other than cashews (which my body can not tolerate) all of them seem to be fine for me.

    But then there is a list of other things which I can't seem to tolerate. Topically I can tolerate coconut products topically but ingest it and I have symptoms. Avocados are out along with those cashews. Strong odors (perfume, cologne, gasoline, coffee, new car leather, scented candles and all intense odors.)

    This time of year the heat and humidity really bother me. I was not happy with it my entire childhood but it is worse now that I am older. I also have the problem I seem to be a "bug buffet" when I am outside. Bugs just will not leave me alone, they are always biting and chewing on me. I always pray for winter just so I can get some relief from all the itching, chewing, scratching etc..

    That is a quick rundown of most of my current symptoms. If you need to know anything else maybe we should PM each other. I am assuming since you asked you do email/phone consults. If you wish to pursue this let me know what your policies are and maybe we can set up an email program since I have not found any other individuals/groups around me which I can consult with. This is a totally conventional medicine area.


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    @greyfurball My sympathies! After reading your medical history, I think you should seek out homeopathic treatment. It is unfortunate that your Naturopath closed his office. Most naturopaths or other practitioners that I am aware of are doing Skype or Zoom or some other kind of virtual appointments. I know that naturopaths have homeopathic training but I think if you were to seek out a classical homeopath, that they would be able to get you to a state of health. I think the mental symptoms are the most concerning.

    Not sure where you are but this is a link to the North American Society of Homeopaths Directory so maybe you could find one close to you.

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    @greyfurball I'm with @torey concerning using a homeopath to help with your issues. Unfortunately, the bugs love you because of the sugar in your body, so you need to address that constitutionally as they say. Here is a link you might care to read .

    I am also a fan of using yogurt acutely like @Gail H suggests, only I just use yogurt. Not saying not to try hers, I just haven't.

    Good luck!

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    @greyfurball I'll PM you...I'm in the middle of studying for my Ayurveda board exam which is in two weeks so I may be sporadic in responding right now but maybe an Ayurvedic approach can help. Could also be some histamine intolerance going on.

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    Dear Greyfurball, I was born and lived in Pennsylvania for 40 years. Just behind the deep south, you live in Fungus Central, USA.

    CAVEAT: The following information is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be taken as a diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease, nor is it intended to take the place of qualified and licensed medical treatment.

    First and foremost, you need to stay out of urban areas with their positive ion-heavy environments. Good luck in PA, where despite the heavily-forested landscape, you have microwave towers and roads EVERYWHERE (even dirt forest service roads count). If urban location is unavoidable , invest in a negative ion generator.

    Second, Stop. Eating. Fruit. YES, necessary. Stop eating sugars of ANY sort. Severely limit your simple carb ( i.e. starches) intake, which convert to sugars. Sugar and sugar-producing foods are the nectar-of-the-gods to fungus, and like I said, you live in the fungus Garden of Eden.

    Third, obtain some FOOD GRADE limonene (a non-cannabinoid terpene), and take that for your digestive issues. It is available through vitamin outlets as a pre-diluted supplement, but I buy the pure terpene and dilute it with 10 parts olive oil to 1 part limonene because I'm a cheapskate. Alpha-Pinene is also good.

    Fourth, drink only water. Pure, clean water.

    Fifth, use a neti pot with salt and baking soda in appropriate ratio, and swab your nasal cavities deeply ( even snort a few drops) with the limonene or pinene diluted properly in any food-grade oil ( I use x virgin olive oil). The sinuses are one of the favorite fermentation/infiltration sites of fungi, bacteria and viruses, dripping down the back of the throat into the respiratory and digestive tracts.

    Last, for the UTIs get yourself a supply of Uva Ursi herb capsules. Take two caps, three times daily for a week, then stop. Long-term use can lead to organ damage. I have used Uva Ursi multiple times over the past forty years with excellent results. IMPORTANT: Not to be gross, but if you have sex or self-pleasure, make sure to pee after you're done and take two capsules of Uva Ursi as a prophylactic. Also, avoid scented soaps in your nether regions, as these can often trigger UTIs in sensitive people.

    In conclusion, SUGARS are your worst enemy, STOP with the fruit on a daily basis. Use it as a once or twice weekly treat. If you like the taste of fruit-infused kefir (a beverage with a yogurt-like flavor), consider consuming a pint of it a week, a little at a time, as a good way to aid your digestive health and satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Best Regards,