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Today's find, prettiest chicken of the woods I've ever seen! — The Grow Network Community
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Today's find, prettiest chicken of the woods I've ever seen!

judsoncarroll4judsoncarroll4 Posts: 1,275 admin
edited August 1 in Mycology

In the mountains, where I normally live, "chickens" or "Sulphur Shelf" Laetiporus

are usually more pale and thicker. Down here, in the sandhills, they are more rare, more deeply colored, more aromatic and and far more perishable. I've rarely spotted one before the bugs get it and it gets waterlogged. This one just came up overnight (or was so small yesterday that leaves were covering it). Today, it was a beacon in the woods, bright orange, not buggy or water logged and as soft as a baby's skin or a flower petal. About three pounds. By far, not the biggest I've ever found, but a rare treat in these parts! We only had a light rain yesterday evening - a big thunderstorm like we've been getting would have ruined it. Oddly enough, I seem to spot them just before a hurricane... and one should be here Monday night. I wonder if barometric pressure changes due to hurricanes may trigger fruiting?


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