Sweet potatoes 🍠

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These are my pallet sweet potatoes which are a new experience for me. Can anyone tell me if these look like they are on track? The bin is about halfway filled and I keep wrapping the vines. And they keep growing lol. If I remember correctly (that’s always questionable lol) they will flower? Beautiful flowers I hear?


  • moreyshadypines
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    They look fabulous! Good job. Deer love sweet potato vines, yours certainly look like they are not in danger. I can't say I've ever seen my flower, but I could be wrong. Great pics.

  • lmrebert
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    @maimover Wow that is so beautiful!! I think I'm going to ask my husband to plant this next! Your property is gorgeous!

  • VermontCathy
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    I wish I could grow them! It's very challenging to grow sweet potatoes in cool climates like zone 4. It can be done, but you have to go to a lot of trouble to heat the soil up.

  • maimover
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    @moreyshadypines thank you! Maybe they don’t idk, lol. I you tubed stuff, followed the planting directions. My friend says when or why whatever and I say, “I don’t know but will look it up when it’s time, no clue what I’m doing here but trying. I have seen a couple of deer late at night but not for a very long time.

    @lmrebert thank you. When the slips arrived the directions said to first place one in an empty soda bottle with water as it would make beautiful vines. I didn’t waste one of course but do think they’re pretty now. I think I screwed the potatoes 🥔 up a little so wasn’t sure about these.

    @VermontCathy I’m hoping to get to maine someday and won’t be able to grow them there either. But for now...