recipes for green apples needed

Gail H
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My daughter has brought home about a bushel of Pippen apples from work. A lot of them are beat up and could never be sold. Some of the best are about to go into the jelly bag for green apple- ginger jelly. It's very nice on toast or plain crackers when little ones are getting over tummy aches.

I still have about a half bushel of usable apples left to play with. Any ideas? because they are so tart, could they be lacto-fermented? I think they would have a lot less sugar than carrots, which I have successfully lacto-fermented.

Now my husband and I can have the "merits of owning a pig" conversation again tonight. :o)


  • Merin Porter
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    If you like apple pie, I believe Pippen apples work well for that. I enjoy the Dutch Apple Pie recipe from, here: I have made this with half granny smith/half honeycrisp apples, and you might be able to do something similar, with half Pippens and half a sweeter apple. If you find you like this combination, you can also blanch and freeze sliced apples for use in pies later in the season.

    You might also consider making and canning applesauce or apple butter -- I have used the recipes from the Ball Blue Book with good results.

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    Apple butter is excellent. The book I use suggests using a food mill to remove seeds and skins, but I don't have a food mill and haven't wanted to buy Yet Another Kitchen Device.

    So I simmer two sets of apples in separate pans on the stove. One set has been skinned and cored, and is used in the apple butter as-is. The other using whole sliced apples and is mainly to get some juice and pectin out; I transfer the liquid only from that pan to the other pan, and then proceed with the recipe.

    Apples are so versatile. In a good year, I make apple pie, apple dumplings, apple jelly, and apple butter, all with apples growing on my land that would not be sweet enough or large enough for people to eat them fresh. Older heirloom varieties like Pippin would be the same way.

  • Gail H
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    Answering my own question here. :o)

    This is what I have done/ have on tap for my bounty of apples:

    1) Put some in a vegetable curry

    2) Made lacto-fermented apples and carrots with ginger

    3) Baked sweet potatoes with apples (very good for breakfast)

    4) Apple cheddar crackers

    5) Made apple-ginger jelly

    6) The most obvious of all- I am making a lot of apple jelly stock/ homemade pectin. These apples are just loaded with pectin. I will can it in 4 oz jars. I have made citrus pectin in the past and stirred it into tea when I have a sore throat. I may mix this with raw honey when needed for sore throats. It might be useful mixed with carob powder if someone in the family gets diarrhea.

    I love it when the girls bring me these bonuses from the farm. Every year I get challenged with a lot (!) of something! It's like a game figuring out how to put it to good use.

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    Another good way to use them is with a pork roast. Apples, onions, cloves and thyme - you'll be amazed how good it is!

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    those would be great in a chutney!

    also stuffed duck/goose is really yummy with a tart apple filling. Is it duck season yet?

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    Gail H love the ideas you came up with. It gets my creativity flowing about my own kitchen projects :)

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    @Gail H I would like to know how to turn my apples into pectin I can store. Do you have a recipe you might share?

    I make apple crisp with different apples. I mix the sugar and cinnamon in a container and leave it on the shelf:

    I make the dough/crisp with very cold butter and store it in the fridge:

    When I have time to do the rest, or am in need of a bedtime pie and ice cream binge...I simply peel and slice an apple, or two depending on size of apple. I first place just enough water in the bottom of an 'oven proof' bowl so that it will be below the 'crumb' part (so it does not soggy and ruin the pie, while making some good cin/sugar liquid for a big boost in flavor and doesn't come out of the oven too dry)..then put some crumb mix cold out of fridge and bake. It is so good and a great way to have FRESH apple crisp when I have apple crisp.

    Also, you could make some apple cider vinegar..

  • Gail H
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    @silvertipgrizz Here is the recipe that I used:

    A lot of old time cookbooks and self reliance books have similar recipes. Rodale used to have such neat books...

    Now, I must ask, how does one make vinegar? When the girls bring home gallons of cider from the market, I make it with that, but I have never made it fresh form apples. Do I need to juice them?

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    @Gail H I'll post a link to a vid of a very sweet lady that makes it. Then as you are more learned than me with apples and home made vinegar, you can tell me what you think about her method, ie how much like the real thing would it be, and what you might advise done differently. Also, after I watched her vid a couple times over a few months it occured to me she did not use any of her store bought with the mother as a scoby...when you have time to watch it after I get some time today to find and post it just let me know what you think as I really want to make my own....I use acv all the time and want to be as free from the walmarts as possible..

    Did you know that 'pectin' helps protect from radiation?,particles%20get%20flushed%20away%20along%20with%20the%20pectin.