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Does anyone have a great bread and butter pickle recipe they would be willing to share. my pickling cucumbers are going crazy. Would have loved to do lacto fermented ones, but live off grid and do not have a cold place to store them when they are finished. So will have to can them for shelf life.

Thank you in advance.


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    The one in the Ball Canning book is a pretty good one.

    Do you eat a lot of relish? My husband's family were all big fans of Heinz red hamburger relish, but it has been taken off the market (at least here in Canada). So they were thrilled to find a "Copy Cat" recipe at Food.com I have made it and it is pretty good stuff. Helps get rid of those extra cukes, especially if they have become too big for pickles. https://www.food.com/recipe/heinz-red-hamburger-relish-copycat-481174

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    The almanac posted an article last week: https://www.almanac.com/recipe/bread-and-butter-pickles

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    Thank you both! I will check them both out. So much has been going on and I don't want to loose the cucumbers but know I won't be able to do the lacto ferment I wanted to.

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    Well, you probably can if you have some plain, sour kombucha on hand. Just substitute it for vinegar and don't heat it. I have had excellent results with kombucha.

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    @vickeym I ferment cucumbers.

    I wash 5-7 kg of cucumbers and put them in a bucket. Then I add 5 leaves of black currant, a big leaf of horseradish, 5 leaves of sauer cherry, one dill plant. Then I make salt water (1,5 tablespoon of stone salt per Liter and pour over the cucumber and herbs until they are all covered. I put a plate on top and a stone to keep everything submerged under the salt liquid. The plate should be smaller, so that the liquid breathes.

    After about 3 days I put cucumbers into jars, add a few fermented leaves, a few garlic cloves and 1 oak leaf per jar. The oak leave makes cucumbers firm and crispy. I strain the liquid, heat it to 80C and pour it over cucumbers in jars and put tight lids on jars. My fermented cucumbers keep a few years in the cellar.

    I love these, as they contain no sugar, are fermented, so I consider them to be much healthier as marinated ones.

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