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I am planning a garden that is in the shade for most of the day. What herbs would grow in such a garden? I know that most prefer lots of sunlight so I need shade herbs.


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    mint tolerates quite a bit of shade. Not sure where on the planet you are but here in central Texas, "shade" can mean a bright place spared from direct blistering sunlight. Is your "shade" darker? colder in winter? That would make a difference in what plants to recommend for your spot.

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    I am in Tennessee. It is hot and does not freeze as much as the north in winter. The area has shade because it is on the west side of the house and is shaded until the late afternoon.

    We have lots of sun year round.

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    @maryannfricko the shade lovers that I know of are, flat leaf parsley, coriander, tarragon, golden oregano, chives and thyme. Hope that helps.

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    In that case,

    salvias (sage family)-- Ive found the more cold-tender ones like a little more shade, but that;s just what Ive noticed. others here may have more to say.

    calendula -- possibly wont bloom as prolifically.

    thyme -- although it might get leggy if too shady

    lobelia (Dr Patrick Jones LOVES this one for anti-spasmodic tincture)

    catnip-- but that is also in the mint family, mentioned earlier

    chamomile-- not certain, but I;d try it

    parsley, curly dock, and comfrey are worth trying, too. Make sure not to let the comfrey dry out. It likes it moist.

    That's what I've got off the top of my head. I'll think about it and try and refine suggestions for you. Hope this helps.

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    Sorrel is a good shade plant, particularly the red-veined variety, Bull's Blood. All of the mints including lemon balm could do with some shade. Anything that is apt to bolt such as mustard greens would be better in the shade. Chickweed does better and will last longer in the shade. Violets like shade. Celery likes shade and lots of moisture. Stinging nettles will also do better in the shade and need moisture..