DIY Hydroxychloroquine, what do you all think?

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***Note From Admin:

This post does not constitute endorsement of the use of Hydroxychloroquine by TGN. TGN urges extreme caution when considering trusting information that claims to be valid regarding Covid virus treatment. There are many current related scams & there is much misinformation continuing to be circulated.

Please do your own thorough research using a minimum of 3 or more trusted sources before following any medical advice, DIY or otherwise, on any social media or in emails.***

Copied & forwarded:

Please use caution when reading and implementing! This was forwarded information and might hold some falsehoods I am unaware of.


The drug that is currently treating this below as I show you the recipe and how to make this solution at home, minus Big Pharmas fillers and preservatives.

That's right........this is the REAL reason that the drug companies were furious about this cure. Not only has it proven to eliminate this virus....but others as well. It was supposed to be a BIG kept secret...but TRUMP blew that for them right away.

What is Hydroxychloroquine exactly? It is nothing but Quinine. Something that anyone can make at home....and something that is being manufactured each and every day in the form of something we have all seen at the grocery and liquor stores.........None other than TONIC WATER. Yes....Tonic Water has the exact same Quinine that this drug being used to treat the Covid virus has. This was NEVER supposed to be leaked out...because even a full treatment regime of pills from the Doctor is less than a 100.00 for someone that does NOT have insurance. Something else you may find interesting is that when they created this virus, they also put a STRAIN of HIV in it. This was to make it even more fatal. But.....guess what........the Quinine Killed that part of the AIDS virus as well. Can you see now why they were screaming that this was a Dangerous Drug and NOT TO DARE USE IT. Behind the scene studies are now coming forth that show it being effective other diseases as well and even on Cancers. I think in the days to come, we are going to find out a whole lot more than we ever thought we knew.

If you listened to our President this week, he said that "in one year, every treatment that we are now using in the hospitals will be obsolete". What does he know? He knows that they have withheld these cures to keep people sick and to make millions off of insurance companies.

Quinine has many uses and applications. It is analgesic, anesthetic, anti-arrhythmic, antibacterial, antimalarial, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antipyretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, bactericide, cyto-toxin, febrifuge, fungicide, insecticide, nervine, stomach, you can be SURE that BIG PHARMA is scared to death at this point and screaming that this drug DOES NOT WORK...when the entire world sees that it is working.

If you ever feel a chest cold coming on or just feel like crap....make your own Quinine. It is made out of the peelings of Grapefruits and Lemons, ...but especially Grapefruits. I will give you the recipe here and you take this concoction throughout the day...or you can make a TEA out of it and drink it all day. This should take away all your fears about this VIRUS, because you now have the defense against it and many other things. If you take ZINC with this recipe, the zinc propels the Quinine into your cells for a much faster healing.

Here is all you need to do to make your very own Quinine.................................Take the rind of 2-3 grapefruits. Take the peel only and cover it with water about 3 inches above the peels.Put a glass lid on your pot if you have one....a metal one is fine if you don't. Let it simmer for about 2 hours. Do not take the lid off of the pot till it cools completely as this will allow the Quinine to escape in the steam. Sweeten the tea with honey or sugar since it will be bitter. Take 1 tablespoon every couple of hours to bring up the phlegm from your lungs. Discontinue as soon as you get better......Please Share this with those that need to reduce FEAR and allow them to see that GOD in all of HIS glory, provides us with all that we need !.........................Just for truths sake, let it be known that in addition to this, Doctors are also prescribing the antibiotic Azythromicin (zpack).............................(..For the record, I am NOT a doctor of any sorts and only offer this from my own data research. I am not prescribing this in any way, and it is up to the individual reading this to do with this information what they want, in accordance with our Freedom from the United States Constitution)


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    First of all not a doctor and not medical advice


    I know people are talking about the tonic water which could be interesting.

    However Dr. Zelenko who is one of the drs that came up with the hcq/zinc/zpak protocol actually has shared a DIY with Quercin (which is a zinc ionophore) and zinc.

    I'm betting that overall zinc is the key here more than anything else.

    Which makes sense when you consider that zinc usually helps most viral things

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    As far as I know Quinine is a drug that was originally made from the bark of the cinchona tree. Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic version of quinine. Both are used to treat the fevers associated with malaria, not flu symptoms or any symptoms of AIDS. Some of the properties listed for quinine in this article might be a bit of an exaggeration.

    I have never seen anything to indicate that citrus peels of any kind contain quinine or that you could make quinine from citrus peels.

    As to tonic water, it only contains 83 mg of quinine per litre and a therapeutic dose is 500-1000 mg so you'd have to dry a whole lot of tonic water to have any effect. You'd pee it out quicker than retaining enough of the quinine to even treat malaria, never mind anything else.

    Antibiotics (antibacterials) will only work if there is a bacterial infection that has developed at the same time as COVID. COVID-19 is a virus not a bacteria so not sure why Azythromicin would be prescribed for a virus.

    There seems to be more than one flaw in this article and I would suggest doing your own research.

    EDIT: Contraindications posted by @torey further on in this thread.

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    I echo what @torey said. I'm a big fan of quinine. I enjoy its bitterness and use it both medicinally and in drinks. My understanding is quite different than presented in this article. I am very supportive of President Trump's offering of hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic. , and I definitely hope it works. Inaccurate information does nothing to further that cause. If there is a way to use citrus, well... that would be awesome. But, I'm skeptical.

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    Apparently grapefruit peels can have many positive health effects, but I could find no indication that peels contain quinine in the scientific literature:

    Nor is quinine a significant component of grapefruit peel essential oil:

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    You can try chincona bark but look up the side effects because it can be dangerous for certain people. I'd talk to an herbalist first and double check with an integrative doctor.

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    As far as I know cinchona bark (Quinine) is used as an anti-protozoal and febrifuge to treat symptoms of malaria, not influenza or respiratory illnesses. There may be indications that it has antibacterial action but I haven't been able to find anything with regards to it having antiviral properties. Makes a great digestive due to its bitterness.

    I didn't list contraindications above because I didn't think people would be trying to use cinchona bark to treat COVID-19. But they are as follows: Cinchona bark should be avoided by individuals who have issues with blood clotting, hypoglycemia, vertigo, stomach ulcers, hepatitis and heart disorders. Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation.

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    A positive outcome from this post is to research for natural solutions and not buy into the fear. There is a school of thought that says with every problem nature provides a solution.

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    I so appreciate the responce!

    I too was a little skeptical of the offered information. Especially the process of boiling the peels in fact likely left the distilled peel oil or "essential oil" on the lid.

    Grapefruit peel and grapefruit essential oil definitely have great properties, I was just unaware of any properties of the so-called quiquine being produced.

    I am beyond grateful for the responces, especially as they give me a better area to really search out information and not spread flase information.

    I appreciate that so much!

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    My doctor likes it for covid 19

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    Good conversation. I also have been looking up Chinchona and Quinine. Jury is still out as to whether I or my husband could use it. My husband served in Vietnam and was exposed to Malaria and had to be on Hydroxychloroquinein. I would definitely consult with a qualified herbal practitioner before using.

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