I got my hunting and fishing permits today!

Linda Bittle
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I had to wait 6 months to get a resident Idaho permit, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that moving back to Missouri only required 30 days of residency!

For 53.00, I got my resident fishing, trout, small game, migratory bird, and fall turkey tags. I'm being optimistic that I'll get to use all of them this fall, but at least I'll be ready. I don't normally hunt ducks and geese, so I'll still have to get a waterfowl stamp if I decide to do that, but I'm prepared for everything but deer, and I can get that tag later, for like 17.00.

@judsoncarroll4 , I'm checking out that Tenkara rod. I have a fly rod, and a spinning rod and reel that I need to get out of the storage unit and look over, but I really liked that idea, which was new to me.

There are trout streams in southern Missouri, and I really like crappie, filleted thin, rolled in cornmeal with a little salt and pepper, and then fried crispy in a cast iron skillet with lard. Just like my Granny did it!


  • judsoncarroll4
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    Awesome! I agree, there are few things better than crappie, blue gill or perch breaded and fried! Gotta have some coleslaw and baked beans, too. Actually, I'm having fish cakes (from croaker) with slaw and beans right now. My recipe for tartar sauce is: about 2 to 1 mayo to horseradish, a bit of mustard, pickle juice (or pickle relish) black peppers, capers and dill, btw.

    I got my tenkara rod, line, leader and flies. Hopefully I'll get to try it out by the end of August - gotta magazine to pick up from the printer and distribute first. If I can spend some time practicing with my recurve bow this fall, I may try for a deer. Otherwise, I'll just focus on trapping small game. Our turkey season is spring only, which is just plain dumb. Looks like I'll be spending fall in the mountains, but back to the sandhills for the winter, so no bear this year.

  • Linda Bittle
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    @judsoncarroll4 Thanks for the tarter sauce recipe! I've been experimenting, but haven't hit one I like yet.

  • Torey
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    Congratulations and good luck with your hunting and fishing seasons, @Mary Linda Bittle. I have always wanted to hunt turkey but their range is about 12 hours drive for me and it is a limited entry draw event. So my chances of getting a tag are slim and the cost of the journey is a bit much for a turkey hunt.

    Sounds like a similar tartar sauce recipe to the one I make; mine also has a bit of finely diced dill pickle and finely diced green onions or chives. Maybe a tiny pinch of cayenne if you like heat. Can't have fish without a good tartar sauce! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest on the coast, English style battered cod and chips was a favourite. And, of course, a good slaw on the side.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    @torey Around home, we have flocks 4 dozen + turkeys that just wander through the yard when out of season... I wonder how they know?

  • Bryce Langebartels
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    That's great @Mary Linda Bittle ! I'm getting excited for deer season to open up soon. I'm in an urban hunting zone so I get to start in September. Hoping to have a freezer full before winter! I need to get out fishing more too. I also love all kinds of fish!

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    That so cool!

  • shaley1357
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    Good luck. Fishing bite should be picking up soon as the water cools a little and hunting season is only a few weeks away. I enjoy both.