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Hey look at this! Mugwort grows like crazy here! I had no idea it was an herb!



  • marjstratton
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    I became aware of Mugwort and its used a few years ago in an herb class I was taking. Good plant to know.

  • Torey
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    It is a very useful herb but will become a bad weed in the garden. I planted one plant 3 years ago and am constantly pulling out volunteers from all parts of my garden.

    I harvest a bit to dry for use in some of my bitters.

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    I first heard of it years ago because Anne Louise Gittleman has recommended it for getting rid of parasites. Thankfully, information I didn't need. But alas, it is good for other stuff too.

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    I loved mugwort in my younger years. Very helpful for "lady problems" if you will. Now with menopause I haven't used it in awhile. Supposed to be good for digestion. Bitters would be great use for mugwort. Will have to try some.

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    Mugwort also increases dreaming. It is associated with witches and "soothsaying". That being said...i have not experinced the dream enhancement but i do like the calming qualities it has...much less pronounced than motherwort which i truly love

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    Hmmmm tilathehunn, I gonna have to try that!

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    What an interesting plant, I had no idea there were so many uses for it.

  • fivelawrences
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    I love mugwort! It has many herbal properties and it also smells great when burned like incense or for smudging. I've heard it called black sage, too.

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    I love the smell of mugwort! I have used it in dream pillows (not necessarily restful though) burning to clear the air, and infused in oil for aches and pains. I have never tried growing it because it grows all around where I live