Pickleworms and Squash Any Suggestions

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My zucchini was growing so well and then what I think are pickleworms have bored into the stems. I bought seeds that are supposed to be resistant to vine borers and they seem to be. When one bores into the main stem the plant just keeps on growing as if nothing has happened BUT now my leaves are wilting and I find what looks like a pickleworm in each stem.

I'm so upset! I've put diatomaceous earth around them and sprayed my garlic water on them. I've even sprayed neem oil on them. Today I figured they were dying anyway so I mixed up some diatomaceous earth with water and used a baby medicine syringe to put some in all of the stem holes. It may help and then they might all die anyway.

Has anyone had any luck with them?


  • annebeloncik
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    In the plant stems, or the fruit stems? I lost a pumpkin plant with 3 fruits on it to pickle worms and powdery mildew, the worms got into the fruit and then the whole plant shriveled up and bit the dust. I finally got ahead of the vine borers this year, but those dang pickle worms surprised me.

  • kbmbillups1
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    @annebeloncik I had a few in my zucchini but mostly they were in the stems. EVERY STEM! My plants died as well. I've decided I'm done trying to grow any squash. Next year I'm planting twice as much okra instead. That is unless I can find something to keep those pickle worms away.