Filling the canner with jars of water

We aren't getting enough green beans or cucumbers to fill the canner either way. Green beans are pressure canned and pickles are water bath canned. I have always filled enough other jars with water, put the flat and ring on, and canned water. When it's done it is labeled and goes in the pantry too. Hubby asked my why I waste so many flats when they are so hard to find. Can't I just fill the jar with water and not put any kind of lid on it?

I don't know. I've always put a flat and ring on it. Can you just fill an empty jar with water then put it in without any type of lid?

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  • tomandcara
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    @dottile46 I have done it without any problems. At the same time your canned jars of water are a little bit of water storage. Definitely not the most efficient, but in glass the water will stay clean, unlike water stored in plastics