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    This is such a fascinating thread! So many topics spawn off the original and give us a better understanding of each other and our perspectives on life. I'm so glad we all look at things slightly or completely different; the world would be so boring otherwise! And I especially like seeing the respect given to each other regarding their different views. We can all learn something new at any age in keeping with our abilities and desires.

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    What's up with math teachers? I had my share of not very good ones, leading me to dislike math. I hear numbers and my mind blocks it. 🙄

    However, my 14 year old completed Trigonometry on her own & is considering doing calculus, maybe even statistics, which as both college/university level courses. I don't get it, but I am happy for her that she can understand it.

    Cursive disappeared here many years ago already. My kids will all learn it (some aren't there yet). I agree that it is important.

    Grammar is something that the govt homeschool official didn't see as important to teach. I am not sure why. I don't teach it specifically, but kids will learn structure through reading, just as they will learn reading through phonics (which, I understand disappeared long ago too), and proper spelling.

    My grandpa taught himself to read later in life. It is still possible to fill in the blanks when you are older and if you are motivated.

    I would love to comment on the religious comments on this thread as I could easily challenge many statements, but considering that this thread is not about religious rights/views, nor is the forum one that exists to discuss religious views, I will not comment along those lines here. I am willing to discuss these off the forum if anyone is wanting to follow up.

    I will state that I do agree that in every society, beliefs (of any persuasion) do affect the ways of the land, either positively or negatively.


    I would like to ask that we keep this conversation to content that is more directly in keeping with the original post. Thank you.


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    I guess you're a sience-pop kinda books lover?

    I have nothing against people's preferences, but to my mind one cannot just 'hate fiction'. It's just you didnt find the book which would touch you :)

    try something when free time


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    @ToddB Yes, I guess I am the science-pop type of person (had to look it up). It's my particular type of Autism that keeps me in a different world - not one that I particularly like to be in, but was born into. Yes, I would love to be able to delve into a work of fiction, however when I do, I am too severely distracted by the "this isn't the way it is in real life" to enjoy it. My world is contrary to most others, so sometimes it's difficult for social interactions between the two. My world of black and white, right and wrong, good and bad sure is dull to most people. I read tax code and phone books for fun. I would love to be able to let my mind jump off into Oz, or back into Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood, but my tether prohibits me because of the stomach turning I get. I find pain in it, so yes, I hate it.

    I have changed quite a bit in the past few years and hope that the microbiome really is the culprit for Autism so that one day I too might enjoy reading, writing and spinning yarns and love it. You'd never believe I was married to a drama teacher, but he accepts me for me. Probably because he doesn't like numbers (math) and I provide that support. He writes plays and I publish them, so I do have a use for fiction. We make a great team as long as I don't make him do the taxes and he doesn't make me write plays.

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    I love books and was so excited when I moved into my house the former owner left about 200 books a few which were over 100 years old. My goal was and still is to read them all which I have not done very well but have had the opportunity to read a few of the classics. I also have several books myself and love to go to Antique stores or Thrift stores and looks for old books. My favorite books are old cookbooks so that I can redo the recipes (I am in the process of going through some of my cookbooks and scanning the recipes then donating them since I have over 100 cookbooks - obsession ... maybe) and old decorating books which shows decorating with antiques (new to them at the time). Last summer I was able to get several books read (both kindle & regular books) and this summer I am again reading a lot.

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    @judsoncarroll4 @LaurieLovesLearning @shllnzl @torey @Mary Linda Bittle this Summer I read On Writing by Stephen King and highly recommend it! A great read for lovers of fiction and nonfiction alike. Truly brilliant IMHO.

    Some day I want a signed, hard copy version to include with my autographed authors collection.

    I keep a very special signed and other collection of authors, but also like my Kindle.

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    I love this thread! It's too close to bedtime for me to contribute, but I want to thank all of you for the great input and ideas. I truly love hanging out in these forums! 😊

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    I just don't dig digital books! I have a few. I find some jazz guitar and music theory books to be convenient as e-books... also collections of sheet music - I can find the song I need in an instant, pull it up for review or print it out for a gig. But, I need to read a book cover to cover and put it on my self. That seems to help me catalogue the information. I know where it is. I can look at it and remember its contents. I have a hard time remembering with any specificity the contents of the books I have packed away, in storage. But a book on my shelf and its contents, are in my "mind castle". I can see its location, open it and find the info I need, all in my mind.