Using old bagged concrete

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I found 20 + bags of old(12 years+ old)concrete. What can I use them for? I always use new projects but have been cleaning through my parents old garage. I found these stacked against the back wall where they have been for many years. My parents never threw anything away. This is part of surviving the war and concentration camps. I have been clearing through the garage for more then three years since they passed. I'm turning the garage into a workshop and sculpting studio. I don't want to just toss these bags(they are way too heavy.) I was thinking that I might use it to solidify all the broken pieces of concrete I used to make raised beds. The weeds keep growing through all the cracks. Any idea if this will work or if the concrete is still viable?


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    As long as the concrete mix is not hard and it is loose, it should work to use it as concrete.

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    If the concrete is solid and not loose you can use it like any huge brick. Foundations, faux rock, whatever. If it’s still loose and fine then just mixed it with water and pour as you please.