Adventures in High Performance Gardening 31 - The Grand Giant Zucchini

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey everybody! Lynn and I are back to wrap up the adventures in gardening series. I can feel winter - it's comin'! brrrr

I won the "what time will it freeze" bet (at my farm) LOL

My strategy is to wait until the last minute to harvest because I want to get the most time possible. Lynn is like so against that.... The zucchini is the SIZE OF MY ARM!

The nights are cold though, so it's time to pull warm-weather plants. Harvest, pull plants, mulch, repeat. Super easy with our high performance techniques.

Growing a winter cover crop isn't even worth it in Colorado since we have such a hard freeze. It's a permafrost situation for like 6 months. Lynn recommends growing the cover crop in the summer, composting it, then putting the compost on the garden for the winter. Just mulch over the top and wire (if you have cats).


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