Adventures in High Performance Gardening 33 - Total Garden Saving$

Marjory Wildcraft
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Hey everyone! My dear friend Lynn and I are back to share our end-of-season results.

I started prepping the half garden for winter. First, I added a shot of seaweed then 2 inches of mulch... gotta have something for microbes and worms to snack on all winter.

We still have a bunch of turnip, chard, kale, and carrots! I can keep harvesting broccoli for another 4 weeks If i keep them covered - they get sweeter and sweeter as it gets colder😋

Lynn has officially counted 224.97 lbs of food for the entire season. At local organic retail prices I saved $1,081.55+

SERIOUSLY, I spent 10 minutes a day or less in the garden all season. We forgot to weigh some cherry tomatoes basil, cilantro, and herbs...

The weed jar for the entire season so far was less than a pint!

All the deliciousness and nutrients were worth every minute. You can't buy food like this.


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