Mink are susceptible too

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Via National Geographic:

There are other countries affected too. I am waiting to hear if it affects Canada's too. There is a farm about 45 min from here that most people are unaware of.

I read it has been detected in some US farms.


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    Well, I don't have much good to say about the mink farming industry. It could be done humanely and responsibly.... but, it is more like CAFO chicken houses... so, of course disease will spread. I understand the economics of it, but it does nothing to help the reputation of the fur trade. How many will buy a beautiful fur coat of humanely trapped wild mink pelts, when their head is full of horrific images of factory farms? Wild trapped animals have basically 5 bad minutes in a natural life. Some traps are made so as to hold, but not hurt them. Other traps are instant kill (like a mouse trap). Modern traps are very humane... and dead critters can't catch and spread viruses from humans!

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    I agree with your thoughts. I just thought it was interesting that now mink is caught up in this too.

    I think all traps up here are to be instant kill. Those using other types of traps are operating illegally in Canada.

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    Instant kill traps are my preference, when I can make sure a non-target animal will not get caught. The last thing I want to do is to kill someone's dog that got out! A modern, humane, leg hold trap will... at most... bruise a paw. Modern leg hold or "dog proof" coon traps are basically like handcuffs. Snares are a bit more dangerous, but any dog who is trained to a leash will just sit down and wait for someone to let them out. We have a 24 hour mandated check on traps. I usually go out twice a day since I don't run a long line.

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