New Cocktail Recipes - Variations on Old Favs and some Unique Ingredients

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Following is a link to Edible (in my case Edible Vancouver) Magazine's page of new cocktail recipes. Some are very different.Like the Smoky Beet Shrub. Who would have thought! I think it would go nicely with any type of liquor besides the recommended gin. Or just nice as a Mocktail. I think the Quince Liqueur recipe could be used for any extra fruit that you might have, adjusting spices to suit the fruit. I'm looking forward to trying the Blackberry Expresso Cobbler drink. Love blackberries. I think you could substitute any chocolate-coffee based liqueur for the one mentioned in the recipe. Kahlua maybe.



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    I don't have a big sweet tooth, but so far the only savory cocktail I enjoy is the occasional bloody mary. I wonder if there is a way to make a good bull shot, with something more natural than bullion cubes?

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    Have you tried a Bloody Caesar? Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. Uses Clamato juice instead of tomato. celery salt and a swipe of lime are the seasonings on the rim with a celery stick and/or lime wedge for garnish. Some bartenders will use a pickled bean or pickled asparagus spear as the garnish. For an extra kick, you can use hot pepper vodka. One of the most popular cocktails served in Canada along with its many variations. Add horseradish or pickle juice or olive juice to the drink. Use a seasoned prawn or a skewer of grilled clams or a deep fried hot pepper for garnish.

    Here's a link to some other savoury cocktails. One uses the bacon flavoured whiskey you mentioned in another post, for a Bacon, Egg & Whiskey Cocktail. And one for a twist on the Bullshot using turkey stock, gravy-fat washed vodka and crispy fried turkey skin as a garnish.