How many cucumber salads can you make...

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Cucumbers are one of my favorite things. Pickles, too. I like to make crunchy salads that I can then put inside Vietnamese Summer Rolls, or sushi; I also like to make less crunchy salads. Hortikia is one of my favorite salads, which relies on cucumber. If I'm making hortikia, and there are extra cukes, making up some tzaziki at the same time lends itself to a nice greek luncheon. I like a sweet salad with balsamic vinegar and onions, and a more sour Japanese style one with sesame seeds and rice wine vinegar.

Pickle soup is seriously wonderful as well, once you have all those pickles made! Pickle soup is made from dilly garlic pickles, not sweet pickles.

and of course, cucumber smoothies with fresh herbs from the garden are really delightful.

What are your favorite recipes?


  • judsoncarroll4
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    ... I'm not sure. Glad to try any and all! Salted and pressed with feta, fresh tomato, lemon, olive oil and mint is very nice. Sometimes I'll just chop some up with onions and marinate in a Italian dressing. Sometimes, smoked fish and dill.

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    I made "cucumber salad" and pickles a couple weeks ago but I used zucchini instead since I had so many. My daughters would not have eaten either had they have known they were zucchini so I disguised them as "cucumbers". Finally told them a few days later. Now they like both.

    As far as cucumbers I like to make Indian food and I like to use it in raita. One of my daughters will eat just that and be happy. Kind of funny that she likes it so much because she doesn't like yogurt any other way.

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    @Judson Carroll have you done that cucumber roll with cream and smoked salmon and dill thing? ermagerd... yummmmm

    @kbmbillups1 Yum! I love raita! actually I use the raita over iceberg lettuce and tomato and more onions and add mango pickle for that hot bite ! My son was a seriously picky eater except for some thai soups I make and some middle eastern meat recipes. Suddenly he wasn't looking for the 1mm piece of onion and saying "yuk, onions", because it was part of these recipes.

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    I love all things cucumber. But, my 2 easiest ways to eat them:

    Cukes, yellow onion, salt/pepper and white vinegar.

    Cukes, tomatoes, red onion, salt/pepper and fire cider.

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    Thank you all I had to go online and get the recipes for all of these! I can't wait to make these!

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    If you don't love cucumbers, zuchinni and tomatoes, then don't grow them because they take over your house when they are harvested! hahaha Cukes are so refreshing... love growing them!

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    All of these ideas sound amazing. One of the easiest things I do with cucumbers is just slice them up and drizzle them with red wine vinegar and olive oil season with salt pepper and garlic and a sprinkle of Parmesan or feta and eat them just like that or add whatever is at hand like cherry tomatoes sunflower seeds, onions and/or olives

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    This post has some sugar scrub recipes one of which is a cucumber mint scrub, Enjoy!

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    Tabbouleh is good.

    This summer I've been dicing cucumber and tomato and mixing in tuna or chopped sardines. I add avocado if I have it. I add some salt and vinegar, and olive oil if I'm not using the avocado.

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    @blevinandwomba sounds really nice!