Exhaustive information: animals, gardening, etc. NZ Source

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This site is from NZ from what I can figure (so totally geared for our Pacifica crowd). Even so for the rest of us, this site has a lot of great information that covers a multitude of subjects.

I would like to suggest if anyone has any content that would make more specific advice (as in plants for fodder fields...cassava & guinea grass don't grow here) more relevant to Europe or North or South America instead of NZ, or is willing to research those types of things, please post it in the forum!

I wanted to share as this site has a lot of other interesting information that many of us can use.

I ran across this site looking for oxen training information, as we have 3 jersey/milking shorthorn calves due within the next month and we won't likely be so fortunate to have 3 heifers! If we have at least 2 bull calves, not all would be lost if we could experiment with training them to become oxen from little. We could even train one if that's how everything played out.


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    Oh, you know what the idea of your baby oxen brought to mind? Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Almanzo had a little bull calf that he trained.... Wow, we have so many happy memories of reading that together over and over. Please do keep us posted about your calves!

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    Yes, that book was pulled out by our oldest (still at home) daughter. ;)

    We will keep you updated. The hope is always 100% heifers, but we shall see.