Winter Squash Loves - the Not Zucchini Show

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Someone posted a thread on zucchini and the myriads of recipes to make marvelous tasting zucchini dishes.

Sadly, I hate zucchini, in spite of the many ways to prepare it, many of which are delicious (in spite of the fact that it has zucchini in it).

Now pumpkins - there are so many varieties of winter squash, pumpkins, kurbis, that have a much nicer flavor, store well. I'm all into those. I love them roasted or broasted; sliced and pan toasted; stuffed with fruit and nuts, or meat, filling. Love the flavor and the texture.

Favorites are valenciano (a cream colored pumpkin), hoikido (which I've not seen in the US, but is really common in Germany - you can eat the skin), bishops hat, long island cheese (which is really a pumpkin shaped butternut squash), Galeux d'Eysines (also called Peanut Pumpkin, because it grows what looks like peanuts on the outside), Marina di Chioggia (which is greenish blue when ripe with a lovely golden interior), and a japanese smallish winter squash that I can't remember the name at the moment, only that they are a tan color, prolific, and have a sort of peppery taste.


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    We have a friend who was cleaning out spent plants and she gave us about fifteen little winter squash. We have been enjoying them just baked, no butter or other flavorings, they are delicious. They are fully ripe, look like a butternut but are very small, sweet and deep orange. She wasn't sure of the name. I have them stored in the root cellar.

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    I make a custard type dish using winter squash. Think pumpkin pie like filling. Top with Brown sugar, pecans, rolled oats crumble. Last year I added dried cranberries and apples to the filling. This is requested at every Thanksgiving and I never bring leftovers home.

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    @bcabrobin I love a good kurbis custard! THanks for reminding me, and for the recipe (-:

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    I will eat anything with pumpkin in it! I love it. I had a volunteer pumpkin pop up in a raised bed, so I put it in a big pot and gave it a fence to climb. It went completely Audrey II and was beautiful, put on 3 good fruits, I was so excited... Then the pickle worms got them. Damnit!

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    Love pumpkin bread and zucchini bread. I also ate some zucchini relish which is fabulous.

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    I'm with you annebeloncik, I love pumpkin everything! 

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    I’m with you @Ferg, I like everything about winter squash. Easy to store, delicious, edible seeds, and easy to grow. I devote a lot of space in my garden to grow winter squash. My favorites are acorn and butternut. I am growing the Galeux d’Eysines this year for the first time and a small variety of pumpkin.

    In my case summer squash is off my list because I am allergic to it. It makes me itch if my skin is in contact with the juices and it gives me a belly ache if I eat it. That includes zucchini, yellow, and scalloped. I tried a yellow scalloped, Sunburst, this year hoping I could eat it but no, I had the same reaction. It was very good much better than zucchini or yellow crookneck, a little more firm and buttery tasting. I still cook that one for my family and can tolerate a couple of bites.

    Thanks for the list of what you grow, I will put them on my list for next year.

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    @annebeloncik NOOOO Not the worms. That is SOOO frustrating.

    @OhiohillsLouise I hope you enjoy the Peanut Pumpkin! It looks scary (great for halloween), but it tastes divine. Gosh, allergies to summer squash sounds really terrible. I have a patty-pan sitting on my counter that I'm going to cook up in the next couple days, hoping it will be tasty, but I have a back-up plan: housemate who will eat anything (-: