observed side benefit of garlic

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I've never started something new, just responded to others' posts so I hope this is all right. My garlic powder had hardened so my husband put it in our Blentec with a bit of water and turned it into a paste. I emptied and washed the blender , then set it back on its base after it dried. Maybe 2 dozen flies have been attracted to the scent and found their way inside but could not figure out how to get out. After a bit of time, they die. I have been fascinated by this. Now I need to wash and sanitize the blender.


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    @MissPatricia do you think that the flies died, because of garlic smell, or because they were trapped? If they die because of garlic scent, that could be a great help during summer.

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    How long were they in there before they died?

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    @MissPatricia Congratulations on starting your first post. I am thinking that your observation makes a pretty expensive fly trap. How did the garlic paste turn out ?

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    Might be worth using a little of the paste on the inside of an empty soda bottle or something to see if you can trap them in it. Maybe use a little netting of some type in the neck of the bottle that they can go down through but make it harder for them to get out.

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    The flies die after a few days. I like Vickeym's idea. The garlic was unusable being so hard, tomandcara, so it was just what was left after I used a rubber scraper, and I have been using the garlic paste on potatoes, mostly. It seems to work fine. I probably won't buy powdered garlic anymore, as I am growing it from cloves that I save from my harvest. I just thought that it was funny how the flies were so attracted to it.

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    jolanta.wittib, I think that the flies died because they were trapped, but the scent attracted them.