Fried green tomato recipes & chicken recipe


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    I do love to eat fried green tomatoes! The book and movie were excellent, too. Fannie Flagg is a national treasure. The movie is on tv right now, btw. It was set in Alabama, but filmed in Georgia... a little, whistle stop town called Juliette. I used to love going down there, tot the Whistle Stop Cafe for fried green tomatoes after fishing all day at Hard Labor Creek State Park. That is real, rural, Georgia... friendly folks, honey suckle and magnolias, long, quiet evenings and great food!

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    Wow! Thank you-we were just talking about fried green tomatoes the other day and here is everything I need! YAY!!!!!!!!

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    @John If you like parmesean cheese and Japanese panko, and because I can't remember if these are included in any of the recipes above, you might give them a try..I have and it really does make fried green maters really good, better to my taste. And glad you found this topic helpful.

    The best to you and yours.