Mouthwash as a tool against viruses

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What does it hurt to keep a clean mouth anyway?

Listerine is so unsafe & peroxide is not the best idea for teeth due to possible enamel damage & damage to tissues. If you need a whitener, sage is good for that purpose and has no risk or side effects.

Anyway, this leads me to you have a favorite mouthwash recipe? What is the purpose for each of the chosen ingredients?



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    Good day, while I don't have a favorite mouthwash.

    I've used seaseme oil and seeds. Warm salt water is my go to. Mostly when feeling the start of my tonsils swelling.

    If my teeth feel sensitive, then I'll use coconut oil for a good swish.

    Great question. The mouth is the entry and exit for many things :)

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    Good info in this article. Thanks for posting @LaurieLovesLearning ! Oral health should be a priority for everyone!

    Sometimes bad breath will result from something you have eaten that may be fermenting in your tummy causing foul smelling gas and belches. For that I would recommend some aromatic bitters to encourage full digestion and maybe some peppermint tea to freshen things up.

    This is a really good article on mouth health by Rosalee de la Foret. She has included a recipe for mouthwash. One of the ingredients is Oregon Grape Root tincture.

    Tulsi is being studied for its applications in oral health. This is a link to a small study that confirms tulsi use as being an anti-plaque agent. This is a link to another one of Rosalee's recipes using tulsi as the main ingredient in a mouthwash along with echinacea and calendula.

    I don't generally use a mouthwash. I use either my own homemade tooth powder (with myrrh, cinnamon & licorice powders along with a bit of baking soda) or one of two toothpastes; one that contains Xylitol and cinnamon or an Ayurvedic toothpaste (with a long list of ingredients) that was recently recommended to me by a naturopath/TCM doctor. If I find that I have developed bad breath for some reason throughout the day, I carry a small bottle of myrrh tincture in my medical bag and will rinse out my mouth with a bit of slightly diluted tincture.

    So, if I were to make a mouthwash, Oregon Grape Root Tincture would definitely be one of the ingredients. I would add Myrrh and Tulsi tinctures. I might add Cinnamon and maybe Licorice for taste but also for their benefits.

    TGN's blog has some interesting articles on mouth health. On the blog main page, I typed in mouthwash and 9 articles came up.

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    Along with homemade mouthwash, I've found tongue scraping to be really helpful. I have to admit I forget to do it more than I remember but my mouth feels a lot cleaner when I do remember.

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    Having a healthy mouth & body will raise your natural immunity for sure. Interesting to think about the now linked relationship between gum disease/periodontitis and heart conditions and Coronaviruses reported after effects on healthy hearts...

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    @sudborough Welcome to TGN's forum.

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    I swish around some nano silver in my mouth to deal with germs, then I swallow it.

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    Thanks for the welcome @torey - excited to be here!