Natural Medicines working with Energy Dynamics

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My background in Energy Medicine actually took me down the path of natural remedies such as essential oils, but more often I see the reverse.

I feel that essential oils offer an exciting gateway to the natural world of shifting and moving energy.

The easiest of which can be seen when essentil oils or flower essences are used for emotional and mental imbalances.

An few examples:

Mints can help with mental clarity. This works on the level of clearing away any physical fatigue and simultaneously lifts any heavy energy within the aura to allow you a clearer view of your present.

Frankincense, often called the Father of oils or Truth Oil can help on many levels. Such as feeling a greater connection to a higher power or father of life. It can also help clear away emotionally diluted perspectives. In meditation I have also seen visions of core "truths" of "my" reality.

Orange is the oil of abundance. I feel the energetic properties of this oil have been accumulated through the inherent natural properties along with our eclectic use of them. Such as during times of extreme fear, relating to disease, and famine. (Typicaly poor food quality and low availability also coincided with disease and death). So oranges brought hope, symbolized abundance and real wealth of health.

In the end I see that by applying simple herbal and natural remedies such as these. That we not only affect the subtle ways we see the ease of physical symptoms, but are communicating with the unseen forces of reality. Which opens up space to feel better, align with your spirit, and connect deeper to our natural world.

I would encourage anyone to research energetic properties of crystals, herbs, essences, oils, and other extractions.

I am always open to questions about certain properties too.


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    @erikawinterton Have you any experience with homeopathy? With your experience in energy work, it should be a natural fit for you.

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    @erikawinterton very interesting. I am very much interested in plants which boost energy, cheer the mood. Could you mention a few more, please.

  • erikawinterton
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    Hey @torey we have had an extensive convo via messenger over learning more about homeopothy. I am definitely interested in the whole process, method, and energy behind it. I don't feel there is really alot I can do at this moment to further my education on it, but I do use the remedies in everyday life. Teething tablets for my babies, de-wormer for my goats, and even nosodes for immunity to common viruses. I need to start following your links to discover what else is available in the US for me to learn and practice here.

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    @jolanta.wittib I feel "boost energy" in my perception is a rather complicated feat, especially if you are looking for sustained results, and you have many variables contributing to the lower energy levels.

    In my experience I try to do deeper diagnostics in person due to the need to clarify the real underlying issues. I also feel core issues can come out in a variety of symptomatic ways, that will only be avoided with adding in an herb.

    So, to start; my preference for approaching this is first (and above anything else), is subtraction, not addition. So, rather then add an herb to boost energy, maybe try releasing other things that feel heavy and tiring. (Eg. Emotions, stressful situations, toxins, physical stress, non-fulfilling roles/perceptions). I feel cheer the mood can also come from this method and process. Are you familiar with releasing techniques or personal development tactics?

    If you feel this is a timley lower mood (such as around the lunar cycles or monthly cycles) or cheerlessness that comes and goes with rhythmic timing then adding in any citrus or floral will help. I love orange, lemon, lime, jasmine, rose, Melissa, or Ylang Ylang.

    If it is a physical tired, try supplementing vitamins minerals, adding more non-cholorinated/fluoridated water, or testing out how things in your diet take away or add to your energy. If all factors above are adjusted and good. You could add some mints, resins, or firs. (Peppermint, spearmint, birch, white fir, Douglas fir, frankincense, myrrh, or something else).

    I know this responce is rather lengthy, but I dont want you to feel that any one responce will effect you the way you expect. You must first dig a little deeper to first discover the underlying issue, then address that directly.

    Example: no amount or type of herb is going to take away brain fog due to refined sugar consumption.

    As with anything I share take it with a grain, and test things out for yourself. I am not a Dr. And cannot prescribe, treat, or diagnose anything.

    You may also privately message me if you know the underlying cause and would like my opinion on what specific things would help you.

  • jowitt.europe
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    @erikawinterton Thank you very much for such an exhaustive answer. No, I do not have problems, but I am planning a workshop on energy boosting plants and I am interested in natural ways of balancing and activating in a positive and natural way. I am looking for different approaches and your attitude and explanation corresponds to my ways and beliefs. Some 5-6 years ago, when my husband developed some health problems we radically changed our diet and our daily life routine and now we are enjoying a healthy and energetic life.

    I myself, I have to say, live in a luxury period of my life. I am very much involved in my gardening and herbal activities, healthy way of life. Since I retired, I became a certified herbalist (herbal pedagog) here in Austria and I am running workshops, but only as many as I like and only on topics in which I myself am interested in. I love sharing and I love contacts with people.

    I have chosen this topic, because I have a feeling that quite a few people tend to use all kinds of synthetic energy enhances rather than balancing their way of life, diet and looking for natural substitutes for energy boosters. That is why I raised this question. Thank you very much for all the plants you mentioned and for all your advice. Very useful. And I love your approach.

  • erikawinterton
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    @jolanta.wittib I definitely love that you are sharing this with others. I have seen dramatic shifts in peoples lives just by incorporating plants, herbs, and oils into their lives. It becomes a bridge for them, sometimes without them even knowing it.

    A fun example is when we bring live plants into our houses, or accidentally leave an onion out on our counter top. Both actually clean the air around it.

    I can see many ways people use synthetic things to not only enhance energy but to also distract them from the real problems that keep them down.

    I hope what I listed above helps and becomes a tool for you to share too!

  • jowitt.europe
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    @erikawinterton thank you once again. I did reflect on what you wrote. I like this subtraction aspect. There is so much to be reduced in our modern lives.

    and thank you for the advise for timely lower mood and physical tiredness.

    And facing problems rather than running away from them

    there is so much to reflect on

  • Grounded
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    Being a neophyte at all this, I am grateful for all those of you who so freely share information. I recently read an article about Chinese medicine/philosophy. It discussed the changing seasons and how that relates to diet, exercise, mood, constitution, etc. I watched a class given by 7Song in which he discusses the use of herbs in the area of first aid and that it is important to consider as many factors relating to an injury as each event is unique.

    @jolanta.wittib I believe that you are on the button with your comments and philosophy. There is always more to learn :)

  • jowitt.europe
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    @Grounded I feel like reacting to your “so freely share information”. I strongly believe in sharing information. Especially in this area of herbs, herbal medicine, nature, growing own vegetables and fruit, healthy way of life. We are such a minority in this world of industry, artificial, processes products, Pharma industry. I think we have to spread information about natural food and medicine to everyone who feels like listening or, even better, feels like changing one’s life. Of course, one can sell information, but then the circle of recipients is much more restricted. I like the idea of this forum - give and get. We give our knowledge and experience and receive somebody’ else’s experience and knowledge. Sharing. This is what I love! And, among this wide circle of members in the community, one always finds somebody who will answer one’s questions, or, at least, will encourage to experiment.

  • erikawinterton
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    @Grounded you are correct in stating that everyone has more to grow and learn. However, I feel it isnt for us to judge, where anyone person is at. Please be mindful of your own growth and how reacting to others with judgment is a mirror reflection of your own judgment within.

    That just might be the next level for you too. 🙏

  • annbeck62
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    erikawinterton I do a lot with the energetic properties of essential oils combined with crystals, flower essences, sound vibration, sacred geometry, etc. Once I learned about energy medicine and vibrational frequencies a whole new very powerful world opened up for me. Sometimes I use things individually other times I let my intuition guide me and have been beyond amazed at some of the synchronistic combinations :)

  • erikawinterton
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    @annbeck62 I love all of those mentions. Energy medicine definitely takes caring for wellbeing and health to another level for me., and the tools mentioned above can be a bridge to seeing that more subtle aspect of our world.

    I wanted to open the door to anyone wanting to learn more, by starting with some tools! I can see you also have a very valuable experience of use and application, and you might lend an informed eye to this thread in case anyone comes along with questions. :-)

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    Lemon balm is a great plant for uplifting the spirits, gently.

    Just like y'all are talking about being uplifted is a lifestyle to live. And a good cup of tea

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    And good music helps, too. And good posture. So many simple things are available to lift up the spirits even if people do not yet know much about the many other approaches. Thank you for all the info @erikawinterton

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