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More Australian natives — The Grow Network Community
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More Australian natives

jodienancarrowjodienancarrow Mid North Coast AustraliaPosts: 796 admin
edited October 2020 in Other News

The 1st of spring and some of our native species are at their best. Here are some that I’ve snapped on our property in the last few days. Species include grevillea, orchid, hardenbergia, jasmine and boronia, in that order.


  • toreytorey Posts: 2,782 admin

    Love seeing the pics you post from down under @jodienancarrow!

    Are any of these useful species for food or medicine?

  • jodienancarrowjodienancarrow Mid North Coast AustraliaPosts: 796 admin

    @torey I'm sure some have a role to play but there is little information about it. Our first nations people have either lost the art and or knowledge or the elders have that knowledge but nobody is talking about natural medicine. A lot of these species have been fiddled with to make more spectacular garden plants, re landscaping. I am going to make it my business to find out more info on native species and their role in natural medicine/food. Most can tolerate poor soil, lack of moisture and still thrive!

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,782 admin

    @jodienancarrow Wow. That's too bad to have lost information like that. Maybe with a bit of research you could find some historical records of what indigenous people were using when the first Europeans arrived. There was an extensive botanical survey of what indigenous people in parts of BC were using for food and medicine. It is very comprehensive and a fascinating read. But even now there is a bit of secrecy among First Nations and how much they will share with non-natives. Understandably, as other cultures tended to (and still do) rape and pillage in the forest when they found something useful.

    I look forward to your discoveries.

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