Canning Fruit- Fruit Cocktail

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Have you ever had a quandary about what to do when the fruit doesn't ripen at the same time. It dawned on me the other day that I couldn't remember where I put the canning lids I thought I had and sure enough after I looked in several places, there they were. I also found the rings too.

I finally decided to can some peaches and pears. The farm where I purchase those things had peaches for a dollar more than last year. I was shocked. Most of the prices for the fruit and vegetables this year have remained the same. Even the pear prices were the same. The pears won't be ready for about 10 days and the peaches should be ready in three days. So I decided to freeze the peaches and grapes (red) while waiting for the pears to ripen. I have done this before.

I plan to use 1 can of Pineapple Juice and an equal part water to use for the liquid in canning this fruit mixture. It is very tasty and just sweet enough that the fruit tastes really good.

Do you ever mix fruits and if so what do you can together?