the intelligence of plants


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    Right in! Have you ever read the server life of plants?

    Great book

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    I also thought immediately of the book "The Secret Life Of Plants" 1973 by Tompkins and Bird. Their book "Secrets of the Soil" is another great read

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    Hi @Tanya L Welcome to TGN's forum.

    Interesting article. Not sure how the exchange works but I do know that it is possible to learn from plants what their purpose is. Don't think we are connecting on any kind of sentient level, but a much more base level of intuitive exchange. And you certainly need to be tuned into their wave length or you won't get anything.

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    I remember hearing about an experiment when I was in high school (so long time ago, and I have nothing to cite for backup). There were 2 sets of plants with identical growing conditions. The only difference was that researchers thought hateful things about one set of the plants whenever they were near them, and had very positive thoughts about the other set of plants. The result? The plants that received positive thoughts thrived, and the other plants withered. Whether it's true or not, I've always sent positive thoughts to my plants.

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    Interesting article. I can't say I know exactly how I communicate with my plants but I can feel that we are. As weird as it may sound I can feel when I take good care of them they are happy and almost proud to let me use them as food.