A must watch! A Need To Grow

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I just finished watching A Need To Grow. What an important award winning doco. Lots of TGN followers would have heard of Ocean Robbins, Nick Polizzi, Brian Vazilly and Mark Hyman. All are strongly suggesting to view this free doco this weekend. It is a must watch. It filled me with frustration and anger, joy and hope. It covers, food security, broad scale agriculture, urban agriculture, climate change and so much more. Find 1.30hrs this weekend and broaden your knowledge base, you'll be glad you did. If you get a chance, I'd love to know what you thought, leave a comment on this thread.

I hope this is ok to mention this documentary on the TGN forum. This is pretty important stuff to share.


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    @Desiree when I posted about watching A Need To Grow I hadn't come across your post. Sorry about that. And yes, more people need to see it. Important stuff.

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    This is REALLY important!

    Gives one hope when the world seems to be on a destructive path. All we need is to get the word out.

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    Great movie. Saw it twice.

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    I too watched it. Seems like I saw it last year as well. I almost cried when the Green Power House (GPH) burned down. What a unique creation. I've thought about it several times over the past year. This year I actually searched for more information on Michael Smith and found that he has created another, similar, power house. That made me so happy! Also found the online store where he sells his biochar and liquid products. Wow, I can't afford $300 for 30lbs of biochar!

    I felt angry and sad when the guy in CA lost his garden spot so a skating rink could be built. Seemed like he took it pretty well though. Did anyone else catch that he was an oncologist?