Can anyone recommend something for blood in urine? TMI warning!

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My body heard that we are going on vacation next week and today I have a pretty significant amount of blood in my urine. I think I’ve been doing it for several days. I have no other symptoms but burning. No cloudiness that usually accompanies UTIs and no fever. I won’t have time for going to the doctor...


  • Torey
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    Blood in urine should always be seen by a medical professional.

    Now that I have said that, if there is burning involved, I would suggest homeopathic Cantharis 30c might help. You should be able to find it at any health food store that carries homeopathic remedies.

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    As @torey said, plus, hitting hard with cranberry capsules if you have them, and I mean hit hard. If you do not see a change FAST, you really need to go to a doctor, or while on vacation, you will be waiting at a doc in the box forever. Not fun. Drink a lot of water, as in a lot, to help flush out anything from a stone to an UTI. Keep a close watch on matters.

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    Thanks to both of you, I found cantharis and cranberry capsules in town and those with vitamin c, d-mannose and tincture of nasturtium have completely stopped the bleeding. Needless to say I was serious about “hedging my bets” to keep from fooling with finding a doctor. I’m going to continue the protocol for the weekend just to be safe. Have a great weekend!

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    @Owl You could possibly be passing kidney stones, causing the bleeding. A non-cancerous bladder cyst caused me to bleed once.

    A doctor visit now might prevent something worse later. Good luck!