For Rent: Comfy old farmhouse in safe small town

Marjory Wildcraft
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If you know someone needing to get out of the big city to ride through the winter in a secure location. My home isn’t fancy, but it’s warm, clean, and comfortable. And safe.  I'm renting it out for 8 months from Oct. 6th to June 6th.

It will really be getting rough in the next few months, and for a while after, if, we have an election. If you live in a city and are looking, or know someone, looking to bug out for the winter, this is a great opportunity.

Paonia, CO is a small town tucked away in the Colorado mountains. The community is tight knit and friendly, conisting mostly of organic farmers and artists. The town is surround by organic orchards, farms, and grass fed pastured animals. Beyond that it is surrounded by wilderness (either BLM or National Forest lands). The North Fork of the Gunnison river runs through town. The air and water is pure and clean. And you will eat the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted here. It’s large enough to have restaurants, shops, and interesting activities, yet small enough to be walkable everywhere. There are several farmers markets and farm to table eateries.  

The community is very diverse with many interesting people you wouldn’t expect to find here: it attracts authors, artists, creatives, and an array of spiritual traditions.  It does snow from time to time, but the climate is much warmer than most of Colorado (even warmer than Durango). The closest airport is about an hour away in Montrose. 

Paonia is a really special place and rentals in town are rare. I do prefer to have someone whom I have some sort of relationship with, so a referral by you (a TGN member) would be considered good. 

Here is the Zillow listing with photos and description.