The Mystery Man Growing A Guerilla Food Forest

I discovered a bucket on my way to the public beach in Puerto Rico that led me to my mystery man. After finding the perfect bucket for my guerrilla garden, I noticed that someone had also planted trees nearby.

It feels great to know that I'm not the only one growing food by the beach. Someone's got to feed the iguanas - they eat almost anything!

Alexis, my neighbor, and his friends started a food forest where I started growing. He's trying to restore the forest since the public beach access was created. He explains how he wants to grow a big canopy for shade and fruit trees.

This guerrilla gardening space is perfect for local fruit, chocolate, and all sorts of beautiful trees - even the singing tree.

Alex runs a local water sport company in Rincon, Puerto Rico. You can surf, snorkel, paddle board, fish, explore islands and check out all the best island views with him! They're dedicated to stopping the destruction of the earth just like the Grow Network.

Learn more about the importance of guerrilla gardening here:

Why not grow food abundantly on public land? We're in this together.  

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