Sweet pepper harvested-ready to prepare for storage

My little greenhouse garden experiment went well. Lots of peppers, thought they are smaller since we got such a late start. Now I need to get them processed for storage. We live off grid so freezer space is tight. I plan on freezing a few whole, but want to try dehydrating most of them. Mainly dices or sliced but plan to try a few whole as well, for use in stuffed peppers.

How do you store your peppers after they are dried? Has anyone tried drying whole peppers?


  • twinspringsnc
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    I do dehydrate a small amout of peppers to use in soups etc. Mainly I do strips and freeze them. I also grind the dehydrated to use as pepper flakes and powder for the hotter peppers. Don't see why that can't apply to sweet peppers too.

  • Annie Kate
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    I have tried dehydrating peppers but they molded.

  • vickeym
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    Thank you for the information. I have dried a small quantity once. They were kind of leathery. Do either of you blanch first or just slice and dry?

  • Momma Mo
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    We dry ours, both hot and sweet in the dehydrator. We grind each kind in the blender and use as hot or mild pepper flakes. We vacuum seal the extra jars. I love to use it on pizza!

  • Granny Marie
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    I've never dehydrated whole peppers but I mainly do strips. Then I can chop them more as needed. I also store them in vacuum-sealed jars.

  • Torey
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    @Marie Grace Welcome to TGN's forum.

  • Angel
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    I have dehydrated some before. I diced them, dehydrated, then stored in glass jars. They worked great as additions to soup.

  • Thomas
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    Glad I did a search of the forum topics!

    I have been trying to figure out the best way for storing for our peppers. I usually freeze my peppers, but they are not very firm after defrosting. OK, but not great in some dishes. I have been considering dehydrating. I think that it is time to give that a try!

  • vickeym
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    So far my dehydrated peppers are going great. Just more complicated when your off grid. Have to run the generator to run the dehydrator. And make sure not much else is running at the same time so the generator can handle it. Maybe trying to dry some whole, de-seeded peppers next.