Tomato harvest in freezer waiting to be made into sauce

My tomato harvest did fairly well this season. I have been putting them in bags in the freezer until they are all finished ripening and I will process all of them at once into sauces. Mostly spaghetti sauce as we use a lot of that. But I do want to try making some other types of sauce as well. Anyone have a great ketchup recipe? We like them pretty basic, but I have never done ketchup before. My BBQ sauce recipes have always started with ketchup as well. In store bought our favorite is the Sweet Baby Ray's brand of BBQ and Prego for the spaghetti sauce.

Any other sauce ideas for tomatoes?


  • JodieDownUnder
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    @vickeym I usually make good old passata. Then I've got the base to work with and can add different ingredients, depending on what I'm cooking. Popular dishes in our house are lasagna, vegetable pasta sauce, spag bol, butter chicken, indian curry, mexican buddha bowls, tomato rice pilaf etc. All of those recipes start with a base of tomato passata. If I want to make a sauce or ketchup, I also start with the passata base. One I use for steak or sausages off the bbq. Fine dice 1 onion, 3 cloves diced garlic, fry them off. Add 2 cups tomato passata, 1/2 tsp sumac, cumin, 1 tblsp dijon mustard and s&p to taste. Simmer until cooked. Sometimes I add stock to make it more runny consistency. Pour into bowl and spoon on. If there's any leftover, it refrigerates well or it can be added to another recipe. Good old passata, very versatile.

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    jodienancarrow Thank you for the suggestions. I had to look it up to see what passata was. I had never heard of it. Sounds interesting. Is it always left uncooked? Would canning it change it drastically? I need it shelf stable. Since we are off grid I don't have refrigeration and we run the freezer on a generator. Though we do not run it constantly. Unless we just added a lot of items that are not yet frozen. In our climate once things are frozen, I can usually just run the generator several hours in the evening when we have everything turned on (lights, computers, tv, etc.) and everything stays frozen except in the hottest months when we have to run it a bit more.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
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    What about taco sauce or salsa?

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    @vickeym , do you freeze them so they are ready peel or just to store them? I have heard of the freezer method for easy peel, but haven't tried it yet. I sometimes bake mine to peel or just blend them up. I just canned 25 lbs and made spaghetti sauce. I love homemade sauce without sugar. I still have 25 lbs I need to can and I'm thinking petite diced maybe.

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    Ruth Ann Reyes Thank you, unfortunately we don't eat much of either of them. Brindy I freeze both to store until; the rest are ripe and I have time to process them, And to make them easier to peel.

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    Good stuff everyone. Had a good harvest here in NW Wisconsin too-making sauce and soup base. Thanks for all the info. :)

  • Cherlynn
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    I make so many things including catsup just due to my husband being allergic to onions. This is the catsup recipe I use. we play with spices each year I can up pizza sauce, Catsup, Salsa, Spaghetti sauce( Moma Rosa's recipe I got when I stayed with them in Rome way back in 1970. Tomato basil soup I make during the winter month's, BBQ sauces, V-8 juice, Tomato juice, Stewed tomatoes. If I have left over tomatoes I will do canned tomatoes otherwise I will buy 4 cases at Costco along with Tomato paste and sauce. It has to be organic no onion.

  • vickeym
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    @Cherlynn The catsup recipe sounds wonderful. Any chance you would share your (Momma Rosa's) sauce recipe. I have one I use that isn't bad, but still have not found THE recipe. The one where when you find it you know that is the one you will always use from there forward. Have never tried making a V-8 juice. The BBQ sauce I have made in the past always started with catsup as does my sloppy joe recipe and my stuffed pepper recipe. We prefer the slight tang and extra flavor it gives. I bought stuffed peppers at the local deli (Where I work) and brought home for supper one night. My husband informed I was not to buy them again. They were totally bland and had no flavor. I thought they must be pretty good as we sell a lot of them every week. He had never tried stuffed peppers and I had not had them in many years, and never made them. I tried making them but used a sloppy joe sauce instead of tomato sauce. Now he asks for them on a regular basis.