Hydrogen Peroxide to Ward Off Colds and the Flu

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Now that cold and regular flu season will soon be starting, I thought I'd share a trick I learned from the Mercola.com website. He cited a doctor of 100 or so years ago who believed that germs could also enter the body via the ear canal. He was able to help people ward off colds and the flu using a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in each ear.

I tried it years ago and it worked. I have used it since then to beat a cold coming on and was successful about 70% of the time.

Here's what you do. At the VERY first sign that you may be coming down with a cold or the flu (maybe you sneeze once. No big deal. But shortly after that, you sneeze again and suspect that a virus is starting a cold in you). Take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide that you get from the drug store for a few dollars. Pour some peroxide in the cap, then pour back most of it into the bottle so that you have maybe 1/8 of a tsp in the cap.

Sit at a table and lay your head so that one ear is on the table and the other is pointed towards the ceiling. Pour the peroxide into your top ear and wait until the fizzing sound stops. This may take a few minutes. Sometimes it might stretch to 20 minutes. When the fizzing stops, wipe out that ear, turn your head and do the other ear.

I have found that most of the time, I do not get a cold. The few times I did get a cold, I could function and didn't have that run down feeling. I would even do it at my office if I felt a cold coming on and then avoided it and continued working the rest of the day. No sick time needed.

Remember that it works best at the very first sign of the cold or flu approaching. I do not know and am not making any claims about its efficacy against the covid virus.

There is one slight caution. I have met two people, among the dozens of people with whom I have shared this healing tip who had adverse reactions to the peroxide in the ear and felt very dizzy from the experience. So be aware that there is a slight chance that you could have this kind of reaction. I think it's more about the individual person's constitution than the process. I have not heard of people who had no trouble doing the peroxide treatment but then had a bad experience with it.

There may be people on this forum who have tried the peroxide to avoid colds. Maybe you swear by it, too?


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    When our son was about 4 he was getting ear infections all the time, We had an old Dr. that told us to use a swab dipped in peroxide to clean off the outer part of the ear and just down a little bit. He hated the fizzy sound but the infections got better.

    Warning: Do not stick swaps down inside your ear, just at the edge and use a clean swab , do not reuse and/or double dip

  • I have used peroxide in my ears for that and it does help. But...this should only be done if the person does NOT have a punctured eardrum. I do experience some dizziness but it only lasts a couple of minutes. I just stay seated until the dizziness passes. It is also good for cleaning the ear canal once in a while, especially for someone who builds up a lot of hard wax.