Fermented elderberry soda

Suburban Pioneer
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DIscovered ANOTHER great, easy elderberry recipe to help soak up the scads of berries my shrub is offering this year: fermented elderberry soda! It's delicious and a lot like kombucha, but requires no scoby. It runs on the natural yeasts found on the raw berries. Very delicious, and it must be medicinal, too. Just elderberries, raw sugar, honey and water. So good that my husband, who is more of a diet Coke than kombucha drinker (though he drinks kombucha sometimes), asked for seconds!


  • Michelle D
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    That sounds like fun. I have yet to practice fermentation. It's on my list of things to learn. Is the fermented elderberry soda hard to make? How long does it take? Thank you so much for the idea @Suburban Pioneer

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    I just bottled some elderberry soda. I don't grow it so I used dried and it worked perfectly and is delicious. I played around and found elderberry is also great flavor for kefir and kombucha.

  • Monek Marie
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    Sounds wonderful. I wonder if Honey would work instead of sugar?

  • vickeym
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    Would love to have the "recipe" or quantities used for the soda. I make a syrup now using vodka to preserve but would love ways to use it without the alcohol.

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    That sounds so delicious. I have limited experience fermenting beyond cabbage and carrots, but this sounds wonderful!

  • Gil Montano
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    This drink sounds very interesting, it must be delicious and also with all the good nutritional properties of a fermented food or drink. Do you have any link where we can learn to make this drink?

  • twinspringsnc
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    I will have to try that next year wben tbe berries come back. Thanks for the tip.

  • spanthegulf
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    @Suburban Pioneer this sounds great! Could you share the recipe or otherwise direct us to it? Thanks!

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    Hub and I have tried our first two fully fermented bottles, and it IS yummy! It has the slight 'medicinal' essence of the elderberries, but a good snap of ginger and overall just delicious. The recipe can be found here: www.growforagecookferment.com/fermented-elderberry-soda

  • Hassena
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    Hi @Suburban Pioneer we have really been enjoying fermented brews. I make a ginger beer, kombucha, mead and the occasional hard cider.

    Elderberries are so good. We freeze the berries to use all winter. Making syrups and juice to use with the ferments. I hadn't considered just an elderberry one. Thank you! Sounds amazing.

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    My experience this winter: The fermented elderberry honey was both delicious (by the tablespoon full) and AMAZINGLY medicinal. I used it about a dozen times when I felt a little punky or a cold coming on, and that stuff STOPPED the problem right in its tracks! As for the soda, it turned out SO yummy! And it felt so good to know that we were drinking something actually healthy.

    I made kombucha for years, but have since lost the time as working in the yard and a new blog venture have sucked down most of my time, but I'll get back into it at some time. How do you make your ginger beer? That sounds delicious and very medicinal. Would make a wonderful wintertime treat, especially, with ginger's warming power.

  • happy-trails
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    Suburban Pioneer

    Delicious! I have done this before, but I'm sure yours was much better with your fresh elderberries; I just used my elderberry syrup and some dried elderberries. I made a turmeric elderberry "medicinal soda." It was incredible and I am continually craving that flavor combination now!

  • Suburban Pioneer
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    Hmmmmm... turmeric and elderberry? How did you come up with THAT combo? It sounds super healthy and if you liked it, I'm wanting the recipe!! how did you make it? We now have a second elderberry that made it through the winter and should start bearing fruit next year, so I'm going to need a LOT of good elderberry recipes. LOL!

  • marjstratton
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    I think that fermented elderberries sounds like a must do. I have done some fermenting of various things, but I have always just made and elixir of elderberries.

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    This sound yummy! Thank you for sharing where to get the recipe. I currently make kombucha but have long wondered about natural soda.😊