Anybody pressing pear cider?

One thing I miss about Europe is the pressing days. People could take their apples, pears, quince to the press and get their cider pressed. Ermagerd I don't think i've ever tasted anything as good as quince apple cider.

And pear cider, yum. And then there were the mixes with the local sour cherries. ahhhh heimweh, again. Food. Always does it.

So, does anyone here press pear cider?



  • judsoncarroll4
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    Not this year - I miss it.

  • Torey
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    Not enough pear growers in my area.

    @monica197 Pear cider is as old as apple cider. Its official name is perry. A bit sweeter and not as dry as apple cider, at least in my experience. I've never had homemade, only commercial brands.

  • karenjanicki
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    That sounds delicious! And I agree with you that having a communal press is such a wonderful idea. I have never made my own cider but it's definitely something I would love to try!

  • Linda Bittle
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    No, but it sounds lovely! My Idaho friends are pressing apple cider this week, but not nearly as much as we have done the past 3 years.

    It's such good cider, too! I'm sorry to miss it.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Oh gosh, this was like breathing for us! We had great, big pear trees. We never picked any - just let them ripen and fall. That meant battling wasps and yellow jackets, But, you would be in a cloud of swallow tail butterflies! The butterflies would land all over me, like I was covered in them... My grandfather would have me bring him a few firm ones and he'd cut slices with his pocket knife, eat them and just delight in the whole process of a late summer day. He was my hero. He planted those trees. He made pear cider/wine... perry. My grandmother made pear jam an preserves. After my grandfather died, my uncle cut that tree, just off the back porch, because he couldn't be bothered to pick up the fruit. The last garden my grandmother oversaw was when I planted tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers where that tree had been. She was in her wheelchair. Imagine, 2 ft deep rotted pear mulch. Needless to say, those plants were incredibly productive. Like 4-6 plants gave us bushels of tomatoes!

  • pinksummer12
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    I am curious about pressing quince. Are they cooked before pressing?

    We were recently given a vintage cider press. My husband invested some time in refurbishing it and we have been pressing apples and grapes for juice. Pears are on our list. We live in the southern Oregon, which is pear country. I have tasted pear cider and really, really like it! We have a couple of very old trees on our very old homestead that were not very productive this year. We also have at least 12 apple trees and those gave us wheelbarrow loads of apples - still are - we have several more to harvest this fall. ~Michele

  • Ferg
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    @pinksummer12 not at this press, but it is a massive thing that would press a rock. Which Quince are related to (rocks). The folks that did the quince pressing mixed them with apples.

    Now, at home, yeah. making quince/apple sauce required several stages of cooking.

    Wonderful to be in an area with pear trees! Yes, I miss pear cider.

    Apparently there used to be lots of pears in New Jersey, I'm told, but then the dreaded FIre Blight came along and so many orchards had to be burnt to control the nasty Erwinia amylovora. I grew up in WI where everybody had a pear tree in their back yard, so it was culture shock not to when I lived in GNYMA.

  • pinksummer12
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    @Ferg I would love to see a picture of a press strong enough to work with quince! I have made quince applesauce and it was delicious. I made quince cheese. Once. It took forever. I won't do that again. Are you able to grow pears in your area?

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