Africa, check in here!

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It is time that African members are represented in a check in space on TGN. I was thinking that in order for Africans to (possibly) meet or sell or exchange anything (if ever) and to compare notes, it would be helpful to know...where do you call home?

Keep things brief, as I my purpose for this thread is to be only for short introductions & reference, not necessarily discussion. This can be done elsewhere on TGN.

If you want to discuss region specific topics, feel free to post a new discussion in a new thread in "Africa".


  • Nicoleburba
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    Hello Africans! My husband used to bring dried leaves from Africa, the simple tea of these leaves would break kidney stones into very small pieces. My husband's teacher from his elementary school suffered from kidney stones, so he brought him this African herb, and that was the end of the teacher's sufferings. Now, my daughter gets kidney stones and I am trying to find this herb, but I do not remember its name. I am wondering if somebody knows it.

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    @Nicoleburba Would you mind copying & pasting this question into the Natural & Home Medicine category:

    It will be seen by more people with all sorts of herbal knowledge.

    Maybe by giving it the header of: "Want to Know: Name of Kidney Stone Herbal (Leaf) Tea from Africa" you might get your answer faster. We don't have many members from Africa as of yet...maybe only one or two.

    This discussion is for short introductions for members of this continent to learn where other members are within their continent.

    No harm done, just giving you a suggestion that should bring faster results, especially considering the issue at hand. ;)