Did the Titanic Really Sink? New Information to Be Revealed

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I remember about 20 years ago working with a psychic and she told me the period we are in now would be one of truth telling like never before. Although it's really difficult to tell exactly what is the truth anymore, I'm absolutely fascinated by many of the presenters at the upcoming Red Pill Expo which I'll be presenting at.

So did the Titanic really sink?

Everyone knows Titanic Sank. Right? Well, not quite. A ship sank that looked like the Titanic and had the Titanic name on its bow, but shipyard records verify from the ID number on the propeller of the sunken vessel that it really was the Olympic, the Titanic’s sister ship. The Olympic had been involved in two collisions that damaged her keel so badly she was no longer seaworthy, could not be fixed, and was uninsurable. This meant she would have to be scrapped at a terrible financial loss to its owner, J.P. Morgan. The solution was simple: switch names on the hull, tell everyone they were sailing on the Titanic, and put in motion a string of events that would cause her to sink, supposedly by striking an iceberg. Thus, the insurance on the Titanic would cover the loss of the Olympic, and no one would be the wiser except a few insiders who were well rewarded for their silence. 

Patrea Patrick, filmmaker and author of Ten Days at Jekyll Island and Titanic, A Perfect Crime, previews her upcoming presentation at Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 10-11. THere is a virtaul streming option. www.redpillexpo.org


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    Very, very interesting and so credible in this day and age because insurance fraud is just one more form of making money to many corporations.

    This entire concept of an expo to cover incidences such as this would be truly an interesting read/watch. I will have to keep watch for it's date of presentation. Thanks.

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    Whoa! I'd not heard that one.

    I used to be skeptical of conspiracy theories, but these days I am reconsidering my stance.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    hi @Mary Linda Bittle I hear you abotu skepticism.. Everyone seems to have an agenda. I do! Ha, ha, I want more backyard food production. LOL

    Yes, that Red Pill Expo looks to be very interesting. All kinds of topics I hadn't thought about. SInce everything in the world seems to be up in the air and one thing I know is the mainstream media definitely has an agenda not connected to truth... might as well look around and keep an open mind.

    I am kind of tickled that last week I attended the WEF World Economic Forum which is a group diametrically opposed to the Red Pill Expo folks. Like being in enemy camps or soemthing. But I'm quite content as at the end of the day, doesn't everyone wat to eat dinner? (grin).

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    I have not heard this before, but it makes sense.

  • @Marjory Wildcraft I love the "hugs" option we can now put on someone's post but now we need a new one...the one with the mouth hanging open saying "wow" 😆 I'm not sure we can handle all the truth lol but it sure does make us rethink the things we thought we knew. Of course I am watching "Hangar One" on Netflix - it's on actual MUFON files and very interesting. I try to keep an open mind on most things because I know there are WAY more things to learn than I will have the years to experience...or will I? (Soundtrack from "The Twilight Zone" is playing in my head lol.)

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    It would be horrific to think that all those people on any ship would be sent to their deaths on account of money. It wouldn't be the first and won't be the last time, but the movie would also have to explain how they deceived the crew into believing it was a different ship. The deception would have had to been massive, including the events causing the ship to sink, not to mention the demise of the actual Titanic.

    There are also theorists doubting that anyone has actually landed on the Moon, or that Jewish people suffered in concentration camps in WWII, or that Elvis Presley died.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @seeker.nancy - Central Texas I'll super J (@Jimerson about the jaw dropping!

    I haven't heard about the Netflix "Hangar ONe" or what MUFON is... I'm writing that book to be released int eh spring and super tight on time with a deadline coming up fast. Yeah, I'm going to try and crate space in my life this winter to watch some Netflix series. Do you recommend that one?

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hey @Grounded (love that moniker BTW), I'm pretty sure ELvis is dead. LOL. But I too am questioning the moon trips. Gosh, almost everything. It's so difficult to know what is true and real. I've met Nazi camp survivors in personand pretty sure that happened.

    Definitely the attack on Pearl Harbor has a lot of questionable events surrounding it.

    What a time huh?

    I think Joseph Campbell, the author of "The Hero With A THousand Faces" put it well that we are living in an era where we don't share a common myth. We are all adrift. It sure feels like that. I meditate every day, laugh fully, enjoy the sunshine, and savor the little things.

    And oh my tomatos taste so good this year :)

  • Annie Kate
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    Wow, this all has me shaking my head. I'm used to medical conspiracy theories (especially with covid) and many of them seem realistic (see https://articles.mercola.com or standard cancer and psychiatric treatments for example), but I had no idea about this. Money certainly seems to be the root of a lot of evils and problems.

    But we all need food and that brings us back to everyday life. Thank you for setting up these forums to help us learn these things @Marjory Wildcraft. And we all need hope, and that brings us to our worship of God which isn't really a topic we discuss here in detail but which is certainly very important.

  • Annie Kate
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    @Marjory Wildcraft What book are you writing? So exciting! I hope today is a good writing day for you!

  • @Marjory Wildcraft MUFON is the Mutual UFO Network and has been around since May 31, 1969 (I googled it -the date sounds better than "a long time" lol). Yes, it is a cool series but only has about 8 episodes, not sure if there will be more. I've always had an interest in what my mom would call "weird stuff" - she totally did not understand that. I think it makes life more interesting; I seldom see black and white, I see millions of shades of gray.

    Good luck on your book and it's launch! You are one super busy lady and yes, @Jimerson is there a jaw dropping one? 🤣🤣🤣

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