Best way to keep Goldenrod flowers

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I have been enjoying goldenrod tea as a way to alleviate seasonal allergies. Is there a proper way to dry the flowers for storage? I picked a large stem and hung them to dry, and they are now fluff.


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    It helps to pick them before all the flowers open the flower heads dry pretty well that way, just in bunches hung in my attic. It has vents; I leave the door tot he attic open and it is like a big dehydrator. But, you can also either use an oven (on lowest setting with the door open a few inches) or food dehydrator. Also, the leaves are medicinal - maybe you can salvage those from the bunches you dried. Others say to hang bunches upside down in a cool, dry place. I think dry is the key, with some air movement. It rains 270+ days a year where I live.... if you live where it is dry, you may be able to hang them on a screened porch or under a shed.