Fall colors

I am sure that those of us experiencing a touch of cold now have colors starting to show around the Homestead.

Please share here!

I'll begin our parade of color. Up first is what I call my memory tree in honor of the baby I miscarried 18 years ago. Isn't it stunning? It is only half grown at approx. 20' wide & tall, and I just love popping its leaf stems off each fall. It gives the most pleasing sensation to my ADHD brain. 🥰

We went hiking the other day to this historic lookout hill what a hike! Lots of steep hills & obstacles (and community pasture cows), over the 4 miles, were met along the way. Sadly, it was just a bit too windy for canoeing. But we found lots of highbush cranberries to take home for jelly...little jewels of tasty goodness!


  • Monek Marie
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    Beautiful! Enjoy the color while its there.

  • MaryRowe
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    Lovely photos! They have me searching for the first sign of autumn color here.

    Down here in Missouri the very first leaves are just beginning to turn. Everything is still pretty green yet, but I am eagerly awaiting lovely colors like those you are enjoying. In this state the Dept. of Conservation has a region-by-region guide, so you can keep track of the best fall color viewing for Sunday drives and outings. I'll bet most states (and provinces?) have something like this. The Missouri site is below. Any one else have the site for their area? It's fun to keep track of Lady Autumn's march from north to south.

    The site for Missouri is:


  • naomi.kohlmeier
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    Beautiful photos! Fall is my favorite time of year! This is a small maple tree I came across on my walk the other morning.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @naomi.kohlmeier Beautiful! I love the red color.

    We are lucky to see red on highbush cranberries, sometimes chokecherries & if someone has planted the type of maple that's leaves turn red. If our first frost is hard (everythingturns brown), it's too dry (same thing) or there is a mighty wind shortly after, we don't get to see as much color in my province.

    Lighter frost gives us a bit longer to enjoy the colors.

  • annflancan
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    Living in California the Fall season pales in comparison to Fall in the eastern states. One of the benefits though is that we have a very long Fall season and have the ability to grow beautiful gardens year round which is such a blessing. Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures!