The cholesterol debate, any thoughts?

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Cholesterol performs many important functions in our bodies. It helps build cell membranes, make hormones, important for metabolism and Vit D production and much more. I was diagnosed 11yrs ago with high cholesterol. My cardiologist wrote me a script for a statin drug and said take this for the rest of your life. After 4 weeks, I started experiencing severe groin pain, unable to walk. Did some research on statins and was shocked to discover the side effects and haven't taken them since.

So a couple of days ago had a check up, eco stress test, ultrasound etc. I knew it was going to be a tough conversation with my cardiologist about me not taking the drug he'd insisted upon. I came through the tests with flying colours. He sent me for a coronary calcium test, which would see how much plaque had built up in my arteries, the result, zero! I fist pumped, it made my day. I felt vindicated for choosing my natural, healthy lifestyle.

He was shocked with my results and asked what had changed for me? My answer, I've lost 10kgs, I'm fitter, I've changed my diet to a more plant based, less red meat, more seafood, less dairy and less stress! So it is possible to have high cholesterol and not suffer heart disease. I've got to say I'm feeling very chuffed with myself. I do think that my initial experience with this, is what led me to discover a healthier lifestyle and eating the right food for me.


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    You totally rock! Thank you for sharing your story. It's nice to have the success stories in avoiding these nasty drugs and staying healthy.

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    Cholesterol is an important part of brain function. 25% of the cholesterol in our bodies is in our brain.

    This is a link to an article in Psychology Today that discusses the need for cholesterol in the brain and how statins cross the blood-brain barrier, interfering with the bodies own production of cholesterol.,memory%E2%80%94%20to%20a%20screeching%20halt.

    This link to the Mayo Clinic which has a paragraph that discusses mental decline in some patients that stops when they stop the statins. As well, it lists the risk for diabetes and liver damage. While the risks may be listed as small they are serious enough that the FDA has issued warnings on the labels for both memory loss and diabetes.'s%20possible%20your%20blood%20sugar,blood%20glucose%20levels%20and%20diabetes.

    I have witnessed a family member who experienced memory impairment when he was given statins. His memory improved back to pre-statin function within days of stopping the statins. It was on my suggestion that they approached the doc about this and he agreed.

    Statins should never be the first line of defence in the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Lifestyle and diet changes should be worked on first to see if that brings down cholesterol to what the medical professionals think is appropriate.

    If your doc suggests that you need to be on statins, you need to have a long, detailed conversation with your doc, weighing the risk factors, for and against the use of statins. There are a wide variety of alternatives to statins if your doc is really concerned or if you have already had an episode where occlusion was at the source of the problem.

    @jodienancarrow's story is a great example of how to take charge of your own health care. Way to go, Jodie!

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    I'm glad to hear that! I agree that cholesterol is very important for mental and physical health. @torey really sumed it up. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great story @jodienancarrow. I've also read statins block the body's ability to absorb calcium. This is why people who have been on statins for a long time have more brittle bones, less elasticity.

    Here is a great interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate Toxicity, lowering cholesterol naturally and getting off statins - A great resource when talking with family members. I remember when getting a checkup from my doctor not too long ago who was trained as an MD but woke up and went the holistic route. I asked her what she would do with a patient who came to her who was on a statin. She said she would get them off it next day. Of course I was asking for both my brothers as well as dad who have been on them for years. It's awful.

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    Well, I'm a guy... a big guy... 6'4" 210lbs lean. When I was a vegetarian for a few years, my health and mood collapsed. I need fat and protein for my brain and body to function as it should. No scientific study has ever proven that high cholesterol is bad for health. Low cholesterol can make you crazy or kill you. Pass the butter and "praise the lard".

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    The real problem is not cholesterol it is inflammation. Cholesterol comes to the rescue when inflammation causes damage. High sugar/high carbs which cause inflammation is the real killer.

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    Cholesterol is also needed to make our hormones. It is the precursor for hormones. I feel grateful that I found an integrative medicine doctor that did a full lipid panel on me instead of the traditional cholesterol panel. The full lipid panel distinguishes between small, medium and large particles. The particles of cholesterol that we should worry about are those they get stuck in our blood stream, not the particles that show up in a simple blood test. It is the particles that stay there that cause the inflammatory response. I eat a whole food diet with ghee and other clean sources of fat like nuts and olive oil. Not only do I feel fuller eating this way, but my skin looks younger too. My mom died of Alzheimer's and I feel that her fear of fat like so many in that generation was one of the causes of her decline in her brain. The cholesterol screening is outdated. We have learned so much. Great topic!

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    Outstanding story!! Congrats on the lifestyle change!

    A good medical provider would have suggested that first, but the sad news is there are so many people out there that want and expect a pill to cure their ailments. They don't even want to try lifestyle changes.

    So sad. So glad to hear a positive success story!

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    I had broken my leg, and my blood tests came back “not great” the year following that experience. My doctor wanted to put me on drugs, and I pleaded with her to give me year to fix myself. I spent the next year rehabbing my broken leg, moving my body, and paying close attention to my diet. The next year my test results came back great. I cried on my doctor. She did not review my file to see last year’s tests so she was a bit confused with my tears. I just felt relieved that I was in control of my health.

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    I thought that might be an article by Georgia Ede, I was right! She has a fantastic website, full of great info on food and diet. if anyone wants to check her out.

    @jodienancarrow well done!!!