Tomato too ripe on the counter? If it is an heirloom you can always save the seed.

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This morning I realized it had been several days since processing the produce from my garden, and I had several tomatoes get far too soft on the counter.

I was about to add them to the container for the compost pile then I remembered my seed for this variety was getting on the older side. So, I placed one tomato in a canning jar with lid (keeping the fruit flys away) and water. Give it time to ferment and strain. Air dry the seeds, label, and grow in the spring.😁

I look forward to seeing what sort of mix I will get since this year I had 35 different heirloom varieties in the garden and you know cross pollination occured!

Can you imagine a Green Zebra tomato crossed with Cosmic Eclipse?


  • nksunshine27
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    i crossed a sweet 100 cherry tomato with a beef steak i call them my beefy cherries

  • Silkiemamuska
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    How many seasons have you grown that seed out? Did you have several plants and get to compare the differences in them? I am such a plant lover that it pains me when killing frost occurs, which it will tonight where I live.

  • John
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    Absolutely save the seeds-do this with all the heirloom tomatoes and other veggies. Thanks for the heads up and ideas all!