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My brother just surprised me with a pound of fresh from the organic farm garlic. I couldn't be happier and am wondering if anyone has some favorite recipes featuring garlic.


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    I make garlic chicken. I put a whole chicken in the crock pot with about 3 whole bulbs of garlic and let it cook on low all day. It is so good! Also if you have a garden, plant some of the larger cloves.

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    If you have too much garlic, you can freeze some. Last year my hubby brought home a large box from a co-worker. What we couldn't use in a few weeks, I froze.

    Peel the garlic andput the peeled cloves in a glass jar or freezer container with a cover. The garlic can then be used in soups, stir fries, and cooked dishes, straight from the freezer. It chops nicely even when frozen and retains its flavor well.

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    Preserving garlic in a vinegar solution with a few complimentary herbs is a great way to have fresh garlic already peeled and ready to go with any recipe that calls for it. I really like the recipe I found on the website Growing a Greener World. If you put pickled garlic in the search bar it will take you to the recipe.

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    Roasted Garlic Soup. I have made this one and it is very good. You could use a veggie stock instead of chicken.


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    I use a similar recipe and try to eat two or three cloves a day. Fermenting seems to take care of the problem of your body smelling like garlic. My immune system is much better and I haven't had a cold since I started. Also, Mosquitoes don't bother me near as much as they used to.


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    Dehydrating it also means you get much better ground garlic than you can in the store. We use a lot of it in Caesar salad dressing and Bruschetta - we call these 2 staples in our house garlic delivery systems.

    Caesar Salad Dressing

    2 eggs

    Dash of Worcestershire Sauce (about 1/4 - 1/2 tsp)

    Dash of Hot pepper sauce (Frank's red hot is good)

    Juice from ½-1 full lemon (Fresh is best but 1-2 tbsp of Realemon works as well)

                   I usually just peel and section the lemon and throw it in – pulp is good for you!

    Dash of Seasoned or black pepper

    Pinch of Kosher salt

    1 tsp Dry Mustard

    2-6 cloves of garlic

    1/2-3/4 c olive oil (or veggie if that's all you have)

    Dump everything except the oil in a blender, process for a minute or two until everything is mixed and the garlic is finely chopped (if you have a blender that won't chop the garlic mince it before adding to the rest of the ingredients).

    With the blender still running drizzle the oil in until the mixture is the consistency of thin pudding. Let the blender run a little longer to thicken the mixture if you like.

    Mix romaine lettuce and sliced mushroom in a bowl. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan Cheese. Add Croutons and bacon bits.

    We usually mix everything ourselves in separate bowls so that the salad doesn't get soggy and then mix in the salad dressing but you can throw everything into a single bowl and toss to coat.

    Note: This does use raw eggs so if you have a concern you can pasteurize them

    To pasteurize large eggs, place them in a saucepan filled with water and fitted with a digital thermometer. Turn on the heat and bring the water up to 140F. Keep the water temperature at 140F for 3 minutes (and no more than 142F), reducing the heat on the burner if necessary. Remove eggs from hot water and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Store in the refrigerator until needed or use right away.

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    If you have a seal-a-meal type machine you can do that then either freeze or refrigerate.

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    Agree that Caesar dressing is a great way to use it. I used to make a version that used raw eggs, too, but then when I was pregnant I found the Joy of Cooking recipe that allows you to use mayonnaise as a replacement. Couldn't find it in a quick Google search, so here it is:

    Caesar Salad

    Source: Joy of Cooking


    4 garlic cloves, peeled and minced

    1/2 tsp. salt

    2 T. fresh lemon juice

    1 T. mayonnaise

    1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

    3-4 anchovy fillets, mashed to a paste (optional)

    1/2 c. olive oil

    2 large heads romaine lettuce, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces

    Fresh-ground black pepper

    Croutons (or can use 4 pieces of plain toast)

    1/4 c. grated Parmesan


    Mash together minced garlic and salt until a paste is formed. Whisk in lemon juice, mayo, and Worcestershire sauce (and mashed anchovy fillets, if using them). Add in oil in a slow, steady stream, whisking constantly.

    Put croutons in the bottom of a large salad bowl, and pour dressing over them. Allow the croutons to soak in some of the dressing. (You can wash and chop the lettuce now if you still need to -- I do this by chopping the lettuce with a sharp knife on a cutting board, then putting the chopped lettuce in the salad spinner. Fill the salad spinner with water, then lift the lettuce out using the "colander" insert. Pour out the dirty water and continue rinsing the lettuce until the water runs clean. Once it does, then spin it dry.) Add lettuce to bowl. Grind some black pepper on top of it, and sprinkle grated Parmesan on top heavily. Use tongs to mix the salad until the lettuce "wilts" a bit.


    This is doubled from the original recipe. You won't use up all of this dressing with two heads of lettuce, and how much you use will depend on the amount of lettuce you use. You can store the rest of the dressing in the fridge to use again within a few days.

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    @annbeck62 what a great present. I to was given a heap of organic garlic, so far the things I've done. Made fire cider, juiced it with lemons, ginger, tumeric and added black pepper and ACV as a tonic. Basically put it in every savoury dish I've made. I put 1 clove in my morning smoothie. It's great baked with other vegetables. I'm about to pickle what I have left. I've also shared the love and given some to friends.

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    Yes, I belong to a CSA and the farmer said he does the same - freeze them after peelign them - they may be a little "flopppy" but no difference in taste. Just watch out to do do before any mold may appear.

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    I like to make honey fermented garlic and fire cider with my garlic. My boyfriend, however, puts garlic into just about everything

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    Medicinal fermented garlic honey! Also roasted and then pop them out of each clove skin as a paste to use in EVERY dish possible! haha... I love adding roasted garlic to homemade sourdough bread, carbonara with bacon and parmesan too. I like dehydrating garlic to be used through the winer, in soups, etc. as well.

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    How much garlic shoudl be grrown for a years for a lover of garlic (sorry, knew)

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    @annbeck62 beck Lucky lady!!! All of the suggestions sound great--I hope to try some of them.

    I love to infuse honey with garlic---the honey is great, and so are the little pieces of honey garlic!!

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    I would suggest if you're going to dehydrate garlic you don't do it in your house. If you have a garage with electricity you could do it there. The smell of dehydrating garlic permeates everything.

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    I love garlic and have two jars of the honey garlic ferment ready right now. My garlic for planting will arrive sometime within the next month. Have never tried growing it. Can't wait. I bought garlic scapes from a local grower a couple years ago. It made a wonderful pesto. I put garlic in lots of dishes. Most everything savory.

    Really love the way I can turn bland veggies like green beans into something special by adding a bit of garlic and a little bacon.

    Hoping I have better luck than I have with horseradish. Something steals every piece of horseradish I plant. Next year I am starting it in a pot. lol

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    @vickeym How do you make honey garlic ferment? That sounds really good!

    I bet your horseradish is being stolen by squirrels. They steal my ginger and turmeric every time I try to plant it. For some reason they've left my horseradish alone.

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    kbmbillups1 This site has the recipe I use. It's very easy and tasty too. https://theculturedfoodie.com/fermented-honey-garlic/

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    @ annbeck62 Lucky you!! I see that there are others that share my love for garlic honey! I have found that the longer it sits, it only diminishes the smell, not the potency nor the taste!