Upcycling ideas

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Had some neat ideas. Love the chimnea upcycle in the intro pic, but would rather have the fire.


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    Fun ideas, I have quite a few around here already. Trunks for tables, fences and organizers made from pallets, Jean backpacks from old jeans, tires for everything BBQ turned potting bench, so on and so forth. My last garden was called “Salvage Garden” for good reason! Lol

    My husband always rolla his eyes when I say “keep that” but then loves it when I finish a project....it just sometimes takes me awhile to getting around to DOING the project. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I'd like to learn more about upcycling. I think it's a great way to reuse things rather than throw them away. I had some old dresses that no longer fit so I cut them up and use them as general purpose rags. They work well :) That planter is really beautiful but I agree a nice outdoor fire, especially now that it's getting cold sounds better.

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    My daughter likes cutting up clothes she is not excited about and making something new out of them. Recently she took one of my husband's old dress shirts, cut across the chest just under the arms, made a wide casing for elastic (out of the bits and pieces at the top of the shirt), sewed that to the top, and inserted an elastic. Now she has a pretty gathered skirt with buttons down the front and a slight curve that is higher at the sides.

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    @karenjanicki Here's a link to 100 blogs related to upcycling.

    I also prowl through the listing for Tiny House Living.

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    Oh I love these ideas! Thata my biggest issue. I have all these ideas but not always the time and material to make all of them happen

  • Melissa Burford
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    Thanks for even more ideas. So much of my life is about upcycling - I make upcycled clothes, jewelry, furniture, yard art, junk journals, etc. If I can reuse it I do. Friends and family know me so well that they bring me "junk" and I get more excited over it just about anything else. LOL

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    I had no idea there were so many blogs on upcycling. It was just something we always did because it was what we could afford and we were taught that you did not throw out something that was still usable. My green house, chicken coop and pig fencing are all made from pallets.

    A co-workers daughter was moving out of state and she had been into herbal meds and things. She had a lot of dropper bottles and small jars from that. I got all of them fairly cheap. Dumped out all the very old stuff in them, cleaned the containers and such well and am now using them to hold my own herbal mixtures.

    Even for my dog, a friend had gotten a moose and his family member had a caribou.. They hang them to age a bit before cutting into the different parts. In doing so the surface dries out pretty dry so they cut all the dry parts off. They used to throw that away. Now I get it. It had a lot of the silver skin or tough membrane on it. I put it in one of my large pots and cooked it pretty much all day (over an open fire using scrap wood) until it was very tender and falling apart. Then canned it all. Now I have about 42 quarts of homemade dog food. I add a little at a time to my dogs dry food. Plus we get damamged produce from the local grocery for our chickens and pigs as well.

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    @vickeym My husband is on notice that he no longer leaves scrap meats after a hunt. I told him that I am spending lots of money to obtain foods equivalent to what we used to throw away.

    I have and will segregate meat bits, bones and organs for later cooking for my pets. I too supplement my pets' dry food with healthy meat additions.

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    I love using old cloths for upcycling into quilts! And wood pallets are a must have as the most versatile upcycling material I have ever found!! I hate throwing things out, mainly because I hate the culture of consumerism.... I am on a mission to eliminate plastic from our lives/household. Way harder than I first thought, but not impossible, just very time consuming.

  • Wendy
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    As my grandchildren outgrew their onsies, they were cut into squares to make hankies for the family. When potty training began, my daughter used them as wipes for the girls as well.

  • Christine
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    I love the challenge of finding an upcycle idea for things that may have been headed for the landfill. Pretty much anything can morph into a planter such as buckets, totes, jars, plastic bottles. But once I found out that T-shirts can be turned into "yarn", my crocheting and knitting gained a new level. I use the "yarn" to make hot pads to protect my kitchen counters and tables. Cutting the "yarn" thinner makes great mug rugs. Or thicker yarn is used to make nice cushy rugs. The added bonus is my craft room is thinning down to where I can now find my fabric. And they sell well at craft boutiques. When I could not find elastic for the ear pieces for face masks....yes the "yarn" has a nice stretch to it and I had plenty.

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    So much of what I’ve used around my yard this season has been up cycled. The largest curbside find was an old turtle shell storage container that people used to put on their cars. I am using it to store a couple nails of straw near the garden; Both of my sheds need new roofs.