Canning Jar Fraud!

James Williams
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Fellow canner's please be aware of this company ( I recently ordered jars from them. First of all because it stated they were made in America, 2nd, it appeared that the price was for a box of jars & seemed about right price wise.

I soon received a shipping notice from china post. When contacted they said all our stuff ships from china. Okay, well they already have shipped. Okay, I let it slide but then a get a box of 6 jars when the deal I paid for said buy 4 get 2 free again thinking I am ordering boxes but no they actually were selling at an each price of 14.99 per jar!

After contacting them they said, "Oops, we see we need to ship 5 more items," so I assume it will work out. Then I get a new communication saying, after review they shipped the right amount but they would refund me $12.13 & I could keep the jars. I responded back saying they were fraudulent & they should either ship me the remaining 5 boxes or refund the money, to which they replied, sorry you feel that way, but they would not offer anything else & that if I returned the items it would cost me $20.00 & could take a month or more to complete the refund! I responded with, you are crooks & I will let the world know!



  • judsoncarroll4
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    Ugh, that is NOT good! I had a similar incident about a year ago when I bought a lawnmower online. It was supposed to be in stock and ship from CA. Turned out the seller was in Vietnam.... They billed me, shipped something (who knows what?) to someone, and somehow falsified the shipping papers to appear that it had actually been delivered to my door! UPS would not help me at all. They only wanted to protect the seller and basically accused me of fraud. I ended up having to file a police report to get my money back.

  • Lisa K
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    Not good! If you have a Walmart near you they are a good source of canning jars.

  • Cornelius
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    Isn't it illegal to claim that it is made in the USA when it is not? I assume you could go after them for that at least. I am sorry that this happened to you and thank you for telling the world!!!

  • Torey
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    I'm afraid that there isn't a good source of canning jars right now. Walmart in my area just got in a few cases of 1/2 gallon Gem-lid jars but that is the first canning jars I have seen there in two months. Our local Canadian Tire store had one case of 4 oz, jars but they aren't good for much except jams or jellies.

    So during a shortage, that leaves room for the unscrupulous humans to take advantage of the situation and start ripping people off. Beware of a good deal.

  • brownjoelle
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    Wow! I ordered things online from an unknown company and learned the hard way too. I feel your frustration and disappointment.

    I contacted my bank's fraud department. They investigated and gave me a refund. I now order online only from businesses I'm familiar with or were recommended to me from a reliable source.

  • KimMullen
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    I also ordered from them believing the claim of made in the USA. I just ordered lids and I did receive what I ordered but I'm worried about using them. I have no way of knowing what they are made of since the company is obviously lying in their ad.

  • Michelle D
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    Thank you so much for the heads up! I'm really sorry that you went through that, but I really appreciate you making it a point to prevent other people from experiencing the same thing. I have only purchased jars at my local grocery store. They are out for the year now. If I need more I will have to order them online. I will be extra careful.

  • sudborough
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    Thanks for the warning - I'm so sorry you had this experience! We recently moved to a more rural area so have been doing more shopping online.

    I've found (although a limited selection) jars in the local Ace Hardware & grocery store.

  • karenjanicki
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    I'm sorry. I would be furious! I'm so careful about buying online now from anyone but a few companies I know like Amazon and Ebay because I had a similar experience a few years ago. I ordered a few dresses online. They were a good price. I checked and matched the size charts to my order. I waited and waited. When they finally showed up they were no where close to the size I purchased. One was stained and smelled. One was fraying around the edges. I demanded my money back and they gave me that speal too about the cost of return shipping. So I went to several review sites and warned others to stay far away from them. These companies should be investigated.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @karenjanicki You even have to watch Amazon.

    I watched a documentary within the last year that exposed some Amazon sellers as taking products out of trash bins, cleaning them up a little & selling them. These items were being sold under the umbrella of known company names but were independent sellers. The focus of this documentary was supplements & teas & such (and sales past BB dates), but I learned (yet again) buyer beware.

  • karenjanicki
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    As shocked and sickened as I should be I'm sadly not surprised. So disgusting. That's probably where those dresses came from. It's ok. I cut a few up and turned them into cleaning rags haha.

  • Jack_Went_Splat
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    Thank you for posting this information. It helps us all to be aware there are some out there who plan to do wrong. Sorry you found them but, glad you passed it along so the rest of us can learn from your bad experience. :o(

  • Granny Marie
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    I make a few kinds of jelly every fall to sell. Getting canning jars this year was almost impossible and I don't even want to talk about price. About 3 times more than last year. One of the biggest annoyances has been thinking I found some online but when I went to check out, they were out of stock. Thanks for the warning on this site.

  • Ethereal Earth
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    As @Cornelius stated, this falls under false claims and false advertising if they are shipping items made from china. Do any of the items state made in the USA on them? Or made in China for that matter?

    You can also contact the BBB and open a complaint with them. Where the price is exorbitant you may even be able to get them on price gouging, as well as misleading ads for making it seem like it was for boxes vs. just a jar.

  • dottile46
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    Sorry this happened to you. I did go to their website to look around. The very first thing that caught my eye was this statement

    • "Feature: the metal cover is durable, not easy to damage and can be repeated to use; At the same time, our mouth mason jar lid is different from other plastic covers, and its composition does not contain BPA substances or other plasticizers"

    No that I am the grammar patrol, but this caught my eye. Any time I see incorrect grammar like this I just leave the site.

  • SherryA
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    Thanks for the heads up.

  • water2world
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    @James Williams So sorry this happened to you, but really appreciate the heads up!!

    I have found some good jars--even a boxfull at the thrift shop----They appeared to be old, but I will definitely pay more attention from now on.

  • Sydarta
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    @James Williams THAT SUCKS!!!!! Thanks so much for alerting us to this scam!!! This is truly shocking... in a world that has recently become numb to shocking things. What is real anymore? What is true?

    @water2world I agree with thrift shopping, for just about everything at this point. With all the slavery and destruction of the Earth involved in purchasing new items- feels complicit and criminal.

  • frogvalley
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    Sad to know this is going on, but not surprised.

    I guess we are fortunate to be older and have a huge supply of jars. Not that we're hoarders, but during the year we also collect a fairly good amount of jars from foods items we purchase. This helps out for our own needs and gifts, but wouldn't for retail sales.

  • annbeck62
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    Sad to know. Maybe you can dispute through your credit card company?

  • Monek Marie
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    I have a nice selection of jars but lids have been impossible to get. The amish in out area recnetly nhad lids and at the right price but anyone who has jars or lids here have raised the prices 4 to 5 times higher than they should be.

    I heard that manufacturers will not be replenishing jars and canning supplies until the end of March. We have a huge population of Amish, which can for survival and its been very hard on them

  • VermontCathy
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    'I now order online only from businesses I'm familiar with or were recommended to me from a reliable source."

    This is a good idea anyway. I worry about unscrupulous companies, or even individual workers, stealing my credit card information and putting me through the hassle of challenging charges and having to get a new card.

  • Owl
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    I have a case of anchor hocking brand, that I thought were canning jars and when I pulled them out to use them they are actually not safe for pressure canning. They were actually designed to store things in! I can use them but it caught me in a bind because I had planned to use them that day! They were a gift so I can’t beat the price, lol!

  • Valorie
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    I have learned the hard way (just like this) that when I order on line I make every effort to go to the manufacturers website - no one elses so I can make sure it is the product I want from a company I can complain to. I may pay more but my peace of mind has gone way up!

  • Grounded
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    I have come across the on-line company who sells a product and to increase value says they are giving you additional products and/or services. When you look at the fine print on one of the additional products/services, it states that by receiving this product, you agree to pay monthly for continued product/services.

    I had that happen to me on two occasions on the same product/service provider as embarrassing as that is to admit. The first time it was on the product I purchased, shame on me. The second time the it was on product tied to the first product as a freebie. I had even scoured the first product upside down from Sunday to make sure there was no additional fees, services to continue on after the initial purchase. Shame on them.

    When you look for the fine print it isn't even directly in the ad, you have to find the language by clicking on a link, which is in teeny tiny type, which I can not read without a magnifying glass.

  • Cherlynn
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    So much fraud going on! I saw listed in very early January before everything went crazy 100 rolls of toilet paper for $24 . So I bought some. Tried to cancel 3 months later but Amazon wanted no part of the deal. 3 weeks ago I finally received 10 tiny partial rolls and Amazon included a free download that I will never use.

    My Amish friends said their lid supplier told them they finally got metal so they would be making lids again and we should see them real soon. I also know Ball Jars has ramped up production also. So Hoping the canning jar/lid thing will correct itself soon just like the toilet paper thing did. I sure hope so as I have 2 freezers full of tomatoes and I'm going ahead and drying 50 lbs worth of apples.

  • VickiP
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    I ordered some lids through Amazon. They were supposedly Balls. They shipped from China and were in a plain brown box. I am afraid to use them too since China doesn't have any quality control. I didn't pay much but certainly will not be ordering any more.

  • gardneto76
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    Lids have all but disappeared here too. I have contemplated ordering online from Lehman’s but last I checked they were having a hard time getting the bulk ones in, and that is way more than I will ever need. I am also contemplating drying more stuff and vacuum sealing it in jars, just so I can re-use the lids. I have seen many super cute photos of either freeze dried or dehydrated foods lined up in jars.

  • Gil Montano
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    Mayve Amazon could be a good place to get canning jars, sure it is going to be a little more expensive but they alway have guarantee. I do not know if anybody have an experience buying jars from Amazon?

  • DurwardPless
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    Sad. Seems we have to be careful we buying most things.