Growing Herbs on a Berm (Companion Planting Question)

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I'm building a small berm, about 2 meters long and a couple feet high on the windy side of my new little greenhouse. The greenhouse will be almost solely for tomatoes and the walls are mesh so I am assuming that companion planting for the tomatoes makes sense or is it too far away to matter? About 2-3 feet. The wind blows strong for a few months each year and the tomatoes would be getting herbal aromas.

Anyone out there who is more experienced please comment or advise if it makes sense to plant chives, onions, parsley, marigold, nasturium and garlic together. Basil and tomatoes grow well together but I didn't see them with the other herbs in my companion planting book. The more I read, the more confused I'm getting! I could plant a few basil in the greenhouse.


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    There is a lot of information out there @Sharie and it can get confusing. Here are a few links.

    Parsley does well with tomatoes, marigolds, parsnips and nasturiums.

    Onions do well by carrots.

    And overall herbs will do well with tomatoes

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    Thank you Denise. It is indeed confusing. I've put most of my herbs except basil on the berm now. The tomatoes are being started in containers and will be put into the ground whenever they and the moon are ready. Today was the last day for seed planting and I forgot the dill. Oh well, hopefully it grows well anyway. I'll plant a few and wait for the next proper moon cycle for the rest. It's quite tricky as I don't just have one garden but many small beds in different spots.

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    @Sharie I am inspired by your many small beds as this is how I am doing it - I look forward tohearing more. One big problem I have is possums, which eat all the same things we do and are pretty hungry with local trees going down - so I am using more keyhole gardens and no dig. I would love to have a berm and may think of it in my converted bathtub project.

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    @Elizabeth Voss When things start growing a little bigger I'll post photos. We've got very unusual weather this year. It should be raining every night but instead we have wind and no rain so hoping my little seeds will all survive. This is the first I've heard of keyhole gardens. Looks fascinating! Have you been doing this for a long time? I love the concept of no dig. It hasn't worked for me in the past but we just added lots and lots of compost/mulch which apparently breaks down to good soil in about 3 months (probably needs rain!) so working our way there!