What is the best natural remedy for high triglycerides?

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I have a nagging health problem of high triglycerides. I have cut my sugar consumption and tried taking niacin and neither has helped. Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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    What's your overall diet? How is your weight?

    The main recommendations for this problem are regular exercise, reducing carbs, limiting alcohol, and healthier fats (like fish oil). The changes may not show results overnight, however.

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    Increasing your fibre intake is generally recommended. Do this slowly, though. If you eat a lot all at once and your body is not accustomed to it, you may experience bloating, gas or constipation. Eat more cruciferous veggies. Eat more beans. Eat more fruit. There is an excellent recipe in Rosalee's book, Wild Remedies for High Fibre Blackberry Muffins that are very yummy.

    Reduce your consumption of caffeine (more about coffee & sodas and less about green tea).

    Remove fried foods from your diet. When oil is heated to frying temperature, it will create trans fats, even if you are using a "trans fat free" oil. Choose full fat cheese or yogurt instead of reduced fat.

    Increase your antioxidants. Purple/black fruits; blueberries, blackberries, raspberries (also all are high in fibre), dark grapes & grape juice, cherries, pomegranate juice. Red/orange foods; sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots, red peppers. Bright greens; spinach, kale, broccoli, collards, Swiss chard, parsley.

    I'm a big fan of bitters for just about everyone. They will increase your digestion and you can add triglyceride-lowering herbs. Artichoke is a bitter and may lower triglycerides.

    Adding turmeric and garlic to your diet is good for overall health but may also help lower triglycerides. Fenugreek seeds are another recommendation. Cayenne increases circulation and is very good for the cardiovascular system.

    Apple cider vinegar is a suggestion. So make your salad dressings using ACV. Use a good quality olive or avocado oil. Or make one of the vinegar based bitters.

    You may want to check into medicinal mushrooms. Shitake mushrooms in particular.

    A few ideas to help you along your journey. As @stephanie447 stated, it may take awhile to see results in medical tests, but you may start to feel the benefits of some of these suggestions in your overall health. Especially a program of bitters.

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    I dropped my unmeasurable triglycerides with diet alone. NO simple sugars or starches. I was dying and the doctor said we'd talk after Christmas. The only thing we caught in his conversation was triglycerides so high it couldn't be measured. Mid January when I returned he was shocked to see me and I had lost 80 pounds and my triglycerides dropped to 200. My family has a high cholesterol. Something I always had. My 2 year grandson's had a skyrocketing cholesterol count. I had to go on Lipitor this last year to finally get it down. I took my liver disease from stage 3 to stage one in this last year with our diet and using herbs and the added Lipitor. We tried Crestor but at the 3 week stage I got tested and they called that same day and told me not to take it as it really messed up my liver. Lipitor doesn't mess me up so I take it. My cholesterol was down to 98 at my last test. They can't get me in until April to scan my liver again but they were so surprized at my numbers this time so they know my liver has to be in much better shape.

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    I have a BMI of 25.8 (overweight). My diet consist of grains, vegetables, fish, chicken, milk products, eggs, no alcohol, and have been trying to eat healthy fats. I do need to get more omega 3s. In the summer I walk anywhere from 1.5 - 12 miles per day depending if I am dog-sitting or push mowing the lawn or just walking with my wife. Thank you for the recommendations!


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    Thank you Torey for all you wrote. What wonderful suggestions. I have recently started eating 3 cloves a day of pickled garlic, eating more greens and carrots. I fear one of my problems is too much coffee. I have been slowly dropping my intake of coffee but increasing intake of green tea. I will continue to try and improve my diet especially with the bitters. Thanks again.


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    Wow Cherlynn. I am glad you were able to bring your triglycerides down to 200 and cholesterol down to 98 and loose 80 pounds. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to all of us.


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    My dad was put on Lipitor and he had a bad reaction so I suggested he try Red Yeast Rice which has a statin in it but was easier on his body, it did the job without any side-effects.

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    There's an ultra pure fish oil product out there that is designed to help with high triglycerides. Without insurance it is incredibly expensive but any decent fish oil product has that component in it.

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    @DurwardPless You had great advice from @torey. You can do it. Keep learning and doing.

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    I have three months till my next blood test and that should give me an indication if I am headed in the right direction. Thank you @Fergand @Lisa K

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    My husband fixed his with fish oil and krill oil daily.

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    My husband husband's triglycerides were so high even our alternative doctors wanted him to go on a prescription. He didn't. Went totally off white food: rice, bread, sugar, potatoes. He was down to normal levels within months.