Severe Kidney issues

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Hoping someone can help lead me to some help for my older brother and younger brother's wife. Found out yesterday my brother's diabetes medicines have damaged his kidneys. He is down to 32% function, and at the same time he told me our younger brother's wife is down to 13%.

I asked my brother what his issues were...not enough urination, toxic build up, inflammation, weakness, physical damage, etc.

He responded that it is all of them. Have started researching herbals to help them. Can someone point me in a direction for where to research more. I could not find much under a search here for Kidney issues or even just kidney.

Have been looking into diuretics for a starting point.


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    Wow I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure there are things that can help though I'm not experienced enough in that department to give recommendations. However @torey might be able to help! As far as diuretics go Dandelion is great for that. It's french name is pisenlit which means to pee the bed.

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    A video I was watching from Dr. Patrick Jones mentioned that chamomile was a kidney restorative as well as a diuretic. So I suggested he start drinking a cup a day for starters. Since he is also diabetic, I know he has to be a little careful about diuretics. But thought it was a good place to start.

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    Sorry to hear of these issues @vickeym, especially after your recent family loss.

    For starters, eliminate anything artificial in the diet. No processed foods or anything with food dyes, preservatives or stabalizers. All of these things will add to the toxic load the kidneys have to process. This may be difficult for diabetics as most artificial sweeteners have chemicals. But artificial sweeteners do more harm than good in my opinion. Avoid caffeine as it is an irritating diuretic. If giving up coffee is a problem, try the Roasted Roots Brew in Rosalee's Wild Remedies book. All three have diuretic properties and will be supportive for the kidneys.

    Stay away from stronger diuretics like juniper, uva ursi, horsetail, Oregon Grape root, wintergreen, etc. They are too irritating for kidneys with such low function. Once kidney function has been restored, then look at Oregon Grape root as it may help with modulating blood sugar levels. (This is for type 2 diabetes) Dandelion is a good herb to use as well as the chamomile. Dandelion won't reduce potassium levels like pharmaceutical diuretics. Although, don't overdo as hyperkalemia is a possibility with low kidney function. It is important to increase the flow if there is stagnation in that area but not to the point that minerals are lost. Huckleberry/blueberry leaves are diuretic and also beneficial for diabetics. This is a link to a blog article from the East West School of Planetary Herbology on Huckleberry.

    At this point supportive herbs will be of more benefit to build up the body's own ability to restore function. Astragalus is an adaptogen but is also used in TCM to treat chronic kidney disease. Tulsi is another adaptogen that is mildly diuretic and beneficial for kidney disease. Makes a lovely tea.

    Bitters will help with digestion allowing for maximum processing of nutrients. Sluggish digestion can accompany kidney disease. But make sure to find a mild bitters, nothing too stimulating. One with chamomile, dandelion, burdock, etc. Or add bitters to the diet with bitter greens in salads. Eat more kale or collards. Becoming accustomed to bitters will help get you off the sugar train. Fermented foods will help improve digestion and maximize nutrient absorption as well.

    These are all general suggestions and a consultation with a medical practitioner or pharmacist would be the best idea to make sure none of these things will interfere with any pharmaceuticals or other treatments. Individuals should do their own research on any of these herbs.

    Best wished to your family and I hope they will start to improve sooner than later.