The Shadow of The Bear

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As many of y'all know, I live in a magical place.... the Appalachian Mountains. Nothing is as beautiful as a pretty fall here. This time of year, you may get a glimpse of "The Shadow of The Bear"

It is a little late to see the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, but you might catch a glimpse

You can see the Judaculla Rock

Fall on Grandfather Mountain

My backyard

My front yard..

... and that is why even though I lead a lonely life in the woods... I can't trade it for a more conventional one. Trails go from my backyard straight up grandfather mountain. The Linville River is across the street, which leads to Linville Falls and the Pisgah National Forest. The mountains are a similar age to the Himalayas.... and I live in a "temperate rain forest"... 270+ days of rain and or snow, fog most mornings... nearly every herb in the world grows here, nearly every mushroom. All we lack is dessert and tropical plants. So, my dog and I share a quiet little 1940s hunting lodge, with a big stone fireplace and live off the land.