Evening Primrose seeds

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I have just collected Evening Primrose  (Oenothera) seeds. This year is a year of seeds for me. Suddenly I understood how much treasure hides in seeds - the whole life package for a new plant. One can get it if one takes it raw.

Everybody knows evening primrose oil. It comes from seeds. But one can take the oil out of seeds directly together with other valuable components simply by chewing the seeds. So I just chew the seeds.

I have collected enough capsules with seeds and they are drying on a cloth. My storage for healthy skin, hair, nails, inner harmony...

How do you use evening primrose?


  • Tave
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    What a cool idea! And the pictures are beautiful.

    The same concept works for oregano. The oil and extract can get expensive. Making a cup of tea with almost a 1/4 cup of dried oregano leaf (from my own plant) knocks out a cold in no time for me.

    I am going to find evening primrose seeds on my next trip home, so I can grow it here.

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    This was the first year that I grew primrose and I am letting them re-seed themselves but now I am going to gathering some to put in my teas or smoothies.

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    I am so glad I saw this! I have a patch that volunteered this year (about eight plants) that I wasn't sure how to even use. I think I will continue to let it reseed for next year and do some research over winter.

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    Very nice! This is why I always encourage people to grow herbs. Plants are designed to multiply. There is no reason any should be endangered. You now have a relationship with his plant, and you know just how rewarding it is! Working together... you germinate and grow and tend ... it rewards you for your labor and care. In many ways, gardening not only makes us stewards, but makes us human... deer can eat a plant, but they cannot grow the plant... birds scatter seeds, but they cannot cultivate... we can garden... we can raise livestock. This is a good thing.

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    @judsoncarroll4 very wise words. Thank you!